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Getting Started

Sign up for our affiliate program! Once approved you’ll get a referral URL in your dashboard under the “Affiliate URLs” area.

Share this link and for each sale you refer you’ll receive a 15% commission for each completed order you refer.

We offer a standard rate of 15% commission for each referral sale.

We can generate you an affiliate coupon by request. To get one, please email us at: partners@cbdnorth.co

Please note that we reserve the right to change or alter affiliate coupons if they are found on a active coupon site (as we consider this an unfair advantage against other affiliates).

We are the only Canadian CBD company to offer CBD, CBG, CBDV and THCV in one complete formula. This means Full-Spectrum CBD has the most complete benefits of any in Canada. Most brands only have CBD & THC in their Full-Spectrum, which means their Full-Spectrum lacks the same benefits as ours.

What’s so special about our unique formula?

CBD is great for general anxiety, sleep and pain. CBDV is great for headaches, nerve pain and may have neuroprotective and skincare benefits. CBG is a powerful anti-inflammatory with benefits for IBS. THCV is non-psychoactive and actually like the opposite of THC. THCV reduces your anxiety & appetite and increases your mental focus.

By using a “Full-Spectrum” product with only THC & CBD from other brands, users would be missing out on all the unique benefits of our formula with CBD, CBDV, CBG & THCV.

We are also the only Canadian CBD company with an assistance program that offers 45% to those in need.

This assistance program can be incredibly attractive for potential referrals – which means more referral volume and thus more overall commissions for yourself.


We pay out commissions every month, so long as you have a minimum of $99 in commissions earned. Please send an email request when you would like to get paid to partners@cbdnorth.co

We can pay you either by Paypal or with Etransfer. Etransfer is available for affiliates in Canada. Paypal is best for Affiliates outside of Canada.

For any questions about this, email us at partners@cbdnorth.co

We use Email Money Payments via Etransfer.

As such, when an order is first placed by a customer their Order Status is first set to “On Hold/Awaiting Payment”. After the customer pays via E-transfer, we then set their Order Status to “Processing/Paid,” where we would then mark the referral for you as approved and earn you that commission.

If a customer places an order but never actually pays for it then the referral will be marked as rejected, as they haven’t fully completed the order by paying for it.

For all other questions about our affiliate program, email us at partners@cbdnorth.co