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Buy CBG – Best Relief for IBS/Colitis/Crohn’s?

CBD vs. CBG for Gut Pain?

Struggling with gut pain? If so, have you heard of the benefits of CBG for IBS/Colitis/Crohn’s? If so, are you looking to buy CBG oil?

In this guide, we’ll go over the exciting benefits of CBG and why it might be even better than CBD for a troubled gut.

CBD: A Safe & Effective Source of Relief

A Safe & Natural Alternative?

Many Canadians are now using CBD as a source of safe and effective relief from the pain, inflammation, anxiety and insomnia of IBS/Colitis/Crohn’s.

Dietary change or new prescription not working? For some, CBD has given them relief when nothing else seemed to work.

The Research – CBD for IBS/Colitis/Crohn’s

There are now many studies that support the benefits of CBD for those with IBS/Colitis/Crohn’s. 

A 2011 study found CBD helps prevent inflammation from recurring in Colitis patients, while a 2018 review concluded there is strong evidence for CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects in the gut.

In a 2016 study, researchers found that CBD is naturally involved with regulating gut health, and that supplementing with CBD can improve sleep and reduce pain in those with IBS. Another 2016 study also found CBD brought significant improvement for the general well-being in those with Crohn’s Disease

In addition to relieving pain and inflammation, CBD may also be a powerful tool for managing the side-effects of prescription drugs used to treat IBS/IBDs.

Having trouble with sleep or anxiety & depression? CBD has been shown to highly effective for managing insomnia and reducing anxiety.

CBG – More Effective than CBD?

Should I buy CBG for IBS/Colitis/Crohn’s?

While CBD can offer great relief for IBS/IBD symptoms and drug side effects, it’s just one of more than a 100 different “cannabinoids” found in hemp or cannabis. You’re probably familiar with CBD & THC now, but what about CBG?

Each cannabinoid has its own unique health effects. As CBD has its own unique benefits, so too does CBG.

CBG could be even more effective than CBD for relieving your gut inflammation and pain – along with other benefits for your overall health.

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CBG – Anti-Inflammatory, Antibacterial and More.

New research shows CBG may have powerful anti-inflammatory effects, which along with its antibacterial effects, could make it more suited than CBD for managing gut inflammation, gas and overall discomfort. Indeed, a 2013 study concluded that CBG has a significant effect on reducing intestinal inflammation, in addition to reducing bloating by reducing the production of gas from bacteria in the gut.

On top of managing your inflammation and pain, CBG may have other useful benefits.

Having trouble with pesky breakouts? CBG could also help with managing skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Its anti-inflammatory properties may also give CBG powerful neuroprotective properties for conditions such as Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.

In general, adding CBG to your daily routine could be a natural and safe way to reduce your inflammation and speed recovery in your gut, muscles and more.

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Should I Buy CBG Instead of CBD?

Better Together

While CBG may be more specialized than CBD for IBS/Colitis/Crohn’s, that doesn’t mean you should have one over the other.

A balanced and healthy life requires a variety of vitamins and minerals, and it’s the same with cannabinoids.

Missing out on one cannabinoid means missing out on that cannabinoid’s unique health properties.

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The Entourage Effect

As with vitamins and minerals, using cannabinoids together creates a synergistic effect where the benefits of one cannabinoid may enhance the benefits of another. This phenomenon is called the entourage effect.

So instead of just CBG or just CBD, using them together may provide the most effective relief for IBS/Colitis/Crohn’s.

Where CBG works best to reduce gut inflammation, CBD can support the reduction of overall inflammation while also providing mental relief for anxiety and sleeplessness.

Where Can I Buy CBG?

Experience CBG + CBD & Even More.

CBDNorth is the first in Canada to have CBG & CBD along with CBDV & THCV in one complete full-spectrum.

In addition to CBG and CBD, our full-spectrum formula also contains CBDV (a powerful neuroprotectant with benefits for acne and skin conditions) and THCV (think the opposite of THC – energizing and anxiety & appetite reducing).

Bottled in BC and made with all-natural ingredients, our CBD products deliver the best in high-quality, effective and affordable CBD for Canadians whether you’re looking for full-spectrum with CBG or general wellness products.


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