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CBD for Students

So why is CBD useful for Students?

As one survey found, nearly 50% of students at college were using CBD for stress and pain management. With all the stress they’re under, it’s no surprise that more and more students are turning to CBD.

So how can CBD help you become a better and more relaxed Student?

First Off, What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD, is a naturally occurring compound already produced in the human body.  

Chronic stress and overexhaustion can cause our bodies to be deficient in CBD and other “cannabinoids”. These cannabinoids like CBD may be essential for regulating our emotions, mood, thinking, sleep and immune system.

By using plant-based CBD, we can help bring major relief for our sleep, pain, anxiety and more.

The Benefits of CBD for Students

cbd for students

Physical Pain

Many students are also athletes or work physical jobs to pay their bills. Some students may just be active, frequently exercising for their physical and mental health.

As a result, joint-pain and muscles aches may be a common and chronic issue for students. CBD has the potential to relieve muscle and joint pain through its powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. Using a CBD Topical can be especially useful for soothing specific areas for managing and reducing skin conditions like acne.

CBG is also another cannabinoid that may also have strong anti-inflammatory benefits.

Sleep Problems

Students don’t get much sleep with all their assignments, studying and extracurricular activities (plus part-time jobs).

Unfortunately, sleep is one of the most essential needs we must have in order to feel and perform at our very best. Sleep is essential for recharging the mind and memory and for repairing and growing the body.

CBD can help students get to sleep easier and have a deeper, more satisfying and recharging sleep. For many with sleep disorders like insomnia, CBD has greatly helped to improve their quality of sleep.

Social Anxiety

As a student, meeting new people can feel intimidating and lead to social anxiety.

Such anxiety can be devastating for your social life, self-esteem and mental health. Social anxiety can harm your academic performance as it may stop you from getting help on assignments and from studying with other students.

CBD can help bring you relief by drastically relieving any feelings of anxiety. Used in the right way, CBD can help bring you to state where you feel safe and comfortable to approach people – which can allow you to build confidence and gradually ease yourself out of social anxiety.

Additionally, THCV may be another cannabinoid with powerful anti-anxiety effects.

cbd for students

Exam & Studying Anxiety

Students are under huge pressure to succeed. Courses can pile on what feels like an impossible amount of work – causing you massive anxiety.

Again, CBD can help greatly to relieve anxiety, especially performance anxiety. CBD can help students relax and clear their minds as they cram the night before an exam. CBD can also help just before and during an exam by relieving any feelings of nervousness that can distract a student from performing at their very best.

General Mental Health

Extreme anxiety, panic attacks, sleep disorders, depression and physical suffering is common for many college and university students.

Using CBD can help students relieve such symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain and give them the mental reset button they need to refocus and recharge.

cbd for students

The Bottom Line:

As a natural and safe supplement, CBD can be a life-saver for Canadians during their most busy and stressful time in their lives as students. As Canada’s future leaders and pioneers, Canadian Students deserve the very best in CBD Products and at an affordable price.

Canada’s Best CBD for Students – Our Unique Formula

CBDNorth is the first in Canada to have CBD, CBDV, CBG & THCV in one complete full-spectrum. In addition to the sleep, anxiety and pain benefits of CBD, each of these 3 other cannabinoids have their own unique health effects. Used together with CBD, students can get the most complete benefits of any Full-Spectrum product in Canada.

Made in BC with all-natural ingredients, all our CBD products deliver the very best in high-quality, effective CBD care that Students deserve.

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