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Our Verified REVIEWS

Our Verified REVIEWS

Join thousands of Canadians using CBDNorth.

Jennifer Rochon

Under Armour Trainer

Janey Brown

Inspirational Speaker & Coach

Rebecca Reznicki

Yoga Instructor

Kaye Skromeda

Fitness Coach

Riley Beauchamp

High Performance Coach

Jennifer Rochon

Under Armour Personal Trainer

Kaye Skromeda

Fitness Coach

Janey Brown

Inspirational Speaker & Coach

Riley Beauchamp

High Performance Coach

Rebecca Reznicki

Yoga Instructor

Based on 9322 reviews
A very good product

I like the 50 m container

Great option for long-term pain management

Great option for long-term pain management. Also, no side effects experienced, contrary to so many of the heavier pain meds prescribed.

Takes the edge off

I take the recommended dose and it seems to take the edge off my lower back pain that is mostly constant.

Pain control

Great product! Happy to see my old man Oates feel more himself and playful after he takes these drops! Thanks CBD North.

CBD Dog Treats
Jean Wilson
CBD Dog Treats

I purchased Fresh Pumpkin Dog Treats for my Beautiful German Shepherd (Granddog) Nova. I purchased the dog treats as she is very hyper and loves to jump on every one. She has been having 2 Treats a day since i gave them to my daughter, the treats have calmed her down, she is no longer hyperactive or jumping on any one. Thank you CBD North for making playtime with Nova a enjoyable time.

CBD Gummies - THC-Free
Suzane Sawyer
Miracle gummies!!!

I started taking gummies every night before going to bed and it relaxes me and my sleep has improved a lot. My son also started and now takes one every night and it helps him for a better sleep! I highly recommend them!!!

Handy to carry around and tasty

I like these mints. I keep the tin in my purse and so I always have them with me. The packaging in the tin is great. The mints themselves are very tasty, although perhaps could use a little more minty flavor. But overall they are super

50 ml rather than 30ml

Been taking CBD oil for at least 5 years, made my fibromyalgia manageable. The CBD North contains 50ml rather than 30ml for about the same cost !

Great product!

Tastes good and works great!

My dogs love it

This is so good for my dogs and they are helpful

Yummy Gummies

I’ve tried a few brands of CBD gummies and the CBD North Organic Gummy Bears are hands down my favourite for flavour and consistency. I kinda wish more companies made them with more than 20mg per gummy, because I require about 3-4 total for each dose. That being said, it’s pretty standard it seems for 20mg to be the unit dose, and it just means I get to eat more of them! I have noticed a significant difference in my sleep quality, and a reduction in my normal morning achy joints since taking CBD and CBN regularly at bedtime for about the past 2 months. Will definitely order these gummies again.

CBD Gummies - THC-Free
Gladys from Canada
Can’t feel any difference.

They are not helping my pain at all

Noticeable difference

Significant difference on my old boy. Within days a noticeable improvement with his movement.



CBD mints

Love the taste! Very fresh and tasty!

CBD Cream Canada - Body Balm For Pain

Great Quality Product

I was very impressed with the quality of the CBD products I recently purchased from this company. Great customer service and quick shipping!

Premium full spectrum

Farewell to insomnia


The CBD oil changed my life …… the almost instant pain relief was amazing. I also love the smell it creates. Thanks for the amazing product . I have recommended you to multiple friends that suffer from pain and sleep issues .

Calming for me and my animals.

I use this for my dog, me and parrot (so very little) everyone seems a bit more chill :p and I’m less pain

Really powerful cream

Hi just love this cream. The extra strength version as well as the normal version. I have given one to each of my parents and to friends. Once I rub it on, I feel zero pain in my ankle which I injured walking my dog. I use it daily. Highly highly recommend.

CBD Gummies - THC-Free
Terra Almeida
Cbd gummies and mints!

Gummies work great for sleep and stress. When I take them before bed I have noticed I get into a really good deep sleep and feel rested in the morning. Definitely feel a calming sensation when taking the mints during the day as well. Calms my anxiety and great for on the go . Highly recommend anyone to try these! Very happy customer!! I have ordered time and time again:)

Organic CBD Mints
Stephanie Wilson
Yummy Mints

These mints are great! I don't feel the CBD from them but I do like a good mint.

Effective sleep aid

Since I stared taking Sleep Complex bedtime has been simple. One dropper and I can rest fully at night.

I am so glad to have found CBD North and their quality Canadian products!

Pain balm

So far so good use it for my hands and knees at night to help me sleep if you rub it in good it doesn’t stick to everything like certain other retail pain creams and seems to settle the pain so I can get to sleep