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Our Verified REVIEWS

Our Verified REVIEWS

Join thousands of Canadians using CBDNorth.

Jennifer Rochon

Under Armour Trainer

Janey Brown

Inspirational Speaker & Coach

Rebecca Reznicki

Yoga Instructor

Kaye Skromeda

Fitness Coach

Riley Beauchamp

High Performance Coach

Jennifer Rochon

Under Armour Personal Trainer

Kaye Skromeda

Fitness Coach

Janey Brown

Inspirational Speaker & Coach

Riley Beauchamp

High Performance Coach

Rebecca Reznicki

Yoga Instructor

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Great product!

The Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Oil has really helped me with my anxiety and insomnia. Very impressed and won't be my last time ordering with them!

Fantastic item!

Ordered the third and fourth jar of the balm for my husband (like to make sure he always has some). He has used the unscented and Lavender, both are great. This product really works he has suffered with aches and pains due to work and age for a few years. Our daughter purchased his first jar last Christmas and he was hooked.


I suffer from vertigo caused by and over dose prescribed by doctors which cause kidney failure. I have suffered for 20 year and since taking CBD oil have noticed some difference. I ca actually walk in a straight line without doing any side step along the way. I’m hoping that I can see more improvements as long as I’m taking the oils. Any suggestion would be appreciated from your team

Absolutely love this company, the cbd products are second to none. Will definitely be buying more.

pain free

I suffer from chronic ankle pain and arthritis, especially at night. Using the CBD roll-on has been a game-changer. I put it on just before going to bed and no longer wake up in pain in the middle of the night. 2 weeks of great sleeps. Truly grateful

Great product!

I purchased the full spectrum as I thought the CBG component might be good for my gut issues. I think it has helped but as it is one of many tools in my toolkit so to speak it’s hard to say it’s curative but I take about 20-30 mg in the evening and it sure helps with sleep! I may experiment with a daytime dose for arthritis in the future.

CBD Pain Roller Stick
Brenda Merritt
Loving this product

I have been using the pain roller for about a month… it really works! I have tried it with headaches and sore/inflamed knees… I can feel reduced pain in 10 minutes! Will buy again

New roller

I am enjoying this new roller for its ease of application, as it’s able to get into my neck and shoulder muscles, and I like to use it on my forehead and temples during a migraine, even through my scalp. Thanks for creating it!

Wonderful cream

Use it for aches and pains works great not à cure but very helpful.

Life changer

I get sore shoulders and neck from my job. This little miracle roller is a life saver. I’m not always able to get a massage

I Love Sleep!

Me and my partner both have trouble staying asleep. We have tried everything under the sun (supplements, ear plugs, masks, temperature controlled bedding, white noise machines, etc.) and nothing was helping. We decided to go the CBD route and this has been a game changer. We sleep through the night, wake up rested and no grogginess. I also find it has helped me feel more calm and much less anxious. We will be ordering the dog version for our pup next time we order more for ourselves!


I like the cooling sensation

CBD oil full spectrum and gummies for pain relief

I got the full spectrum initially to help with anxiety and insomnia, but then realized it helped with my back pain. It has been very helpful in decrease the pain. Note that due to the complexities of the problem I wasn’t expecting to eliminate the pain. I am very happy with it and I will be getting a second bottle. I also got the gummies and they are delicious! I have them through the day.


My Shitz Tzu was suffering daily PTSD over fireworks & thunder storms. Her severe anticipation anxiety was inconsolable. The Vets wanted to put her on anti psychotics which made her non functional. I investigated CBD for dogs (with no THC) & found CBD North. She takes it everyday & loves it. She's a NEW dog. No more daily anxiety. She's back to being my normal happy dog. Even when there's thunder her reaction is less intense. We're beyond ecstatic for your CBD for dogs. It was a life saver for her & me.

Cbd gummies and cbd oil full spectrum

Both great products I have bought now 3 bottles of oil and the last order 1 pk gummies I've been in chronic pain for several years I had a major lower back operation 15 months ago and another one coming up end of Oct I have to say since I've been taking the oil I've got rid of my noon medication for pain I still take pain meds in the am and pm now as we I'm now eating the gummies before bed and since I've taken them I get a better full night sleep and with the oil in the am good by to my noon medication 1000% recommend

CBD in Canada

Have not yet had success in reducing pain but am pleased to have found an organic full-spectrum CBD oil in Canada.

life saviour

My rescue was experiencing severe separation anxiety and could not leave my side let alone me stepping out to the other side of the door. With these drops he now goes upstairs to sleep on his own when I leave the house. Now him and my other dog are stress free and relaxed.
there has also been a carry over effect and even without the drops he has now okay with being separated for 1-2 hours without anxiety!!!

Save your money

For the money I was expecting better results. I have been taking 2-3 of these gummy’s before bed for the last three weeks or so. No change in my sleep habits. I wasn’t expecting a knock out pill but I thought for the amount of money I paid for these things there would be a bit better of a result.

Pain Roller Stick

This is a great new product. It looks small but spreads easily over a large area when you roll it on. And it works to relieve aches and pains. You can take it with you but you might not want to use it at a dinner party - it does have a medicinal smell, not unpleasant but, well, medicinal!! I love this! Used it on my injured knee, very soothing.

CBD Pain Roller Stick
Marie-Jeanne Berard
Great relief for migraines and headaches

When applied before a crisis, the Pain Roller Stick is of great help to prevent migraines and regular headaches. I initially bought it to treat my arthritic joints, but it is not easy to apply on painful hands, on the spine, or on joints in general (I believe the CBD balm would be more appropriate for that). Nevertheless, I really appreciate the relief it provides. The smell is refreshing, not too intense, and the cooling effect feels good.

CBD Dog Treats
Heather Seeley
Highly anxious dog is much calmer!

Our dog has always been anxious and on high alert, barking her face off at just about anything, but also acting unsure and a bit fearful so CBD was worth a try. The treats and oil we got have worked wonders. She is still a bit unsure, but far less than before. An entire guest visit at our house used to be full of barking and running away, but now its a few minutes of adjusting and then she is settled. I fully believe it’s because of a daily regime of calming CBD.

Decreased anxiety

I have definitely noticed a decrease in my anxiety since taking this. Also I love that it’s flavourless. Am ordering again to use regularly.

CBD Gummies - THC -Free

I sleep pain free and awake in the morning!

CBD Gummies - THC-Free
Darryl Karwaski

Happy with purchase

CBD Oil Isolate

I absolutely love this product, I have generalized anxiety and panic attacks and this helps me to calm down when I'm feeling anxious. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has anxiety issues.