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Our Verified REVIEWS

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Jennifer Rochon

Under Armour Trainer

Janey Brown

Inspirational Speaker & Coach

Rebecca Reznicki

Yoga Instructor

Kaye Skromeda

Fitness Coach

Riley Beauchamp

High Performance Coach

Jennifer Rochon

Under Armour Personal Trainer

Kaye Skromeda

Fitness Coach

Janey Brown

Inspirational Speaker & Coach

Riley Beauchamp

High Performance Coach

Rebecca Reznicki

Yoga Instructor

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Gift with purchase?!

I didn't expect to get a "gift-with-purchase" (over a certain amount)! I received the rose balm, which is great because I already have the lavender but had a hard time deciding on which to get! I love both fragrances and I love the pain relief... thank you!

Excellent quality!

Excellent service and excellent product.

Gummy bear

Helps me relax

Good help for insomnia

I have MS and one of my biggest symptom is insomnia. I've been suffering from insomnia for years and I wanted to replace my medication (Zopiclone) for something more natural like CBD. I've been using 1.4 ml of the 2000 mg Full-Spectrum CBD Complex oil every night for a month now and I was able to cut down on my med dosage. I only need 1/3 now which seemed impossible before. I will try to increase my CBD oil dose to see if I can stop my med completely.

Awesome Product

So I’ve been giving my 6 year old golden retriever the CBD Oil for dogs + Wild Salmon for about a month or so now and so far I’m really liking what I have seen. My pup unfortunately has the big C… but whatever pain she might have been feeling before, it doesn’t seem like she is anymore, or as much anyways. This with the assistance of other products has definitely given my girl a new light on life and I’m grateful that the remainder of her time will be comfortable. ❤️

Good for mosquito bites!

I got the cream as a freebie with my usual CBD purchase so I didn’t have any expectations. I had a super itchy mosquito bite so I thought why not try it? Well one small application and the bite hasn’t itched since! I’ve also used it as part of my plantar fasciitis treatment and I think its helping there too. The cream has a great texture and does and excellent job of moisturizing too.

Surprisingly fabulous!

Excellent effects on a sprained ankle

CBD Gummies - THC-Free
Gabrielle Zoia

Literally the only CBD gummies I'll ever buy. Worth every penny!

My dog loves this stuff!

Our dog was newly diagnosed with osteosarcoma and we bought this to help with any discomfort. We’ve noticed a huge difference and will continue to order. We are on our 4th bottle!

THC-Free CBD Oil Isolate
Mallory Stewart
Happy New Customer

I bought this product for my husband who has trouble falling and staying asleep. The first night he said he had the best sleep he’s had in years. And it’s been smooth sailing since. Purchase process was simple. Shipping was quick despite all the delays that seem to happen when ordering from other retailers. Will be ordering again! Can’t wait to try all the products available.

Very pleased

I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and I've been taking CBD oil for about 2 weeks now and I'm definitely feeling better. I normally feel anxious, dizzy and out of sync and if I'm facing a stressful situation my heart will pound and I'll have a full blown panic attack but the oil has greatly reduced these symptoms and I haven't had a panic attack since I began taking it. So far, so good!

CBD Dog Treats
Victor B Foster
Excellent Dog chews

Our dog Angel suffers from a lot of pain from arthritis. As soon as she hears the package make a noise on opening. She is there for the treat that heals.

Cbd for anxiety

My dog was very anxious around loud noises. We have been giving him CBD to relax him and it appears that he is very relaxed now. This weekend there is a lot of fireworks so hopefully the CBD oil will help him.

CBD Gummies - THC-Free
Madeline Buzzi
Delicious and effective

This is my third time purchasing these gummies and they never disappoint. I take one before bed and am able to sleep the whole night through. I also take them when anxious and they always do the trick in calming me down!

CBD Dog Treats
Yvette G.
My Old Dog is now a Puppy!!

Just wanted to write and thank you for the awesome product. My dog, Einstein, is a rescue Pitt, Dalmatian, Boxer cross and is approximately 9 years old. Over the past year or so his mobility had reduced to the point where he couldn't even get off the couch to go out, due mostly to arthritic pain. He was put on pain medication which did help but I decided to try CBD oil in conjunction with his medication and your company came highly recommended. Now I see why. We use the 1000 mg oil as he is close to 80 pounds and after a one month trial, I am now ready to complete an informed review. Following the recommended dosage guidelines we use 1/2 on his food in the morning as well as 1/2 on his evening meal. We also give him 1/2 CBD treat at noon and 1/2 at bedtime. He now acts like a puppy again, sleeping through the entire night and wanting to play ALL day. He trots along on his walks and is always wagging his tail. He is alert and curious. At one time he didn't even want to eat his food but now waits anxiously and excitedly at mealtimes, and loves the salmon flavor.. What a difference this product has made in our lives. I have also noticed that his coat has improved. Although I was skeptical at first I am now a Believer! Thank you.

Pain relief at last

Your product was recommended by a colleague after hearing my plight with Hip, back and neck pain. I have tried other anti-inflammatories with little to no help. I didn't want to go prescription pain relief route. So I decided to try THC-Free CBD Oil Isolate. My Arthritic hip pain almost disappeared the first day. I was overjoyed! With continuous use, the pain relief I am getting has made a huge difference with my daily routine and mental well-being. The added bonus is my anxiety is managed and I am getting my focus back!

Effective on my anxious senior dog

I’ve tried a number of different products on my senior English bulldog that has separation anxiety and this product is the most effective on him! His anxiety hasn’t completely gone away but he is more relaxed after taking it. Will definitely buy again!!

German Shepherd on CBD

My 15 month old German Shepherd grand puppy has been on CBD for 2 weeks now and it’s been great.

She’s more chill at daycare & also training her leash-reactivity has improved.

The only reason I didn’t give it 5 paws up, is we’re still adjusting the dosage and assessing everything for the next couple weeks.
On the plus side, she has no issues taking it. I put it on a dehydrated liver treat and she gobbles it up.
She gets her dose twice a day.

Very pleased with this Canadian product.
Thanks for your quality product & great customer support.

*Happy Grandma from Montreal.

Has helped with sleep

I have chronic insomnia and it has improved my sleep

CBD Gummies

Taste delicious and work quickly to relax. I found it helped with my sore neck and back too

My body loves it!

With this product…Better sleep, less pain, better days!

Highly Recommended!

The roller works quickly, feels great, and smells fantastic. It's become a part of our self-care routine and helps to alleviate the aches and pains that can come along with an active lifestyle. We'll be repeat customers!

Lifesaver for my anxiety

I bought these CBD gummies to help combat my anxiety, alongside my prescription medication. I have been blown away by how well they have worked for me! It feels like I can finally have my life back, and not live in fear of another panic attack. Fantastic company, with fantastic products. Thank you CBD North!

A life changer

1-2 gummies per day have given me my life back. I can now get the sleep I need in order to be able to handle the arthritis pain and get back to my life. They also dull the pain some. So they changed my life from being in a pain fog to being able to deal with it.

Great Product

Takes away the pain and also cleared up a dry itchy patch on my finger from my rings.

Thank you