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Our Verified REVIEWS

Our Verified REVIEWS

Join thousands of Canadians using CBDNorth.

Jennifer Rochon

Under Armour Trainer

Janey Brown

Inspirational Speaker & Coach

Rebecca Reznicki

Yoga Instructor

Kaye Skromeda

Fitness Coach

Riley Beauchamp

High Performance Coach

Jennifer Rochon

Under Armour Personal Trainer

Kaye Skromeda

Fitness Coach

Janey Brown

Inspirational Speaker & Coach

Riley Beauchamp

High Performance Coach

Rebecca Reznicki

Yoga Instructor

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Gummies are tasty

I use the gummies to help relax before bed.

CBD Dog Treats
Sarah Ewaskiw

Arrived promptly and is relieving arthritic pain in Sophie:)

Good product

Really good product, really satisfied and great quality too

Full spectrum CBD oil

My brother Jim encouraged me to buy this for my sciatica pain which I have had for 3 months. I take it at night before bed. I also have arthritis in my left hand. I have to say my pain has subsided in my hand. As well, my sciatica is better to the point that I can actually get out of bed in the morning even before stretching in bed! Thanks so much.


Great service excellent product. The CBD cream is great for sore muscles. The gummies taste great.


Eases pain quickly & moisturizes too. I was pleasantly surprised.

Great product!!

Delivery was fast, product is fantastic Quality, I am taking it for Depression, and anxiety that was caused from PTSD from my job as I am a first responder. I also have lately been having pain in my knees from walking a lot of stairs over the years at my job. The swelling has gone away in my knees and my PTSD Symptoms have hardly been noticeable.
Thank you so much to CBD north for supporting first responders!!
It is so appreciated and nessesary help for what we do!!


Great service. Great service. Great results. What more is there to say. I’ll be back again.

Takes the edge off

We have been using this oil for 2 months now. It hasn't stopped his barking but definitely has taken the edge off. His barking was relentless and he was always "on high alert". He gets a small dose in his food every morning, which he loves, and it seems to have allowed him to relax more thoughout the day.

Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Full spectrum cbd oil

I am very satisfied with this product. I bought it to help me calm my brain at night as well as to sleep longer. After experimenting with the dose and timing, I have found it to be very helpful in reducing stress and gaining valuable sleep.

CBD Gummies

Love these!

CBD Balm unscented❤

Thank you so much. i really wanted to try this. So far, great no scent.

Don’t notice a difference

Tried this for 2 weeks for my joints and sore muscles with no noticeable affects.

1st Time

I had never tried CBD oil but a friend recommended I try it to help with my sore knee. I have been using it and the lotion on knee for a few weeks and am getting some pain relief and sleep again.


This cbd oil is awesome but a bit on the expensive side .

Great product

I have a senior dog on a lot of medications. We have to be cautious with medication as it is hard on her system. Within a month of adding this product to her food we noticed a marked improvement in her mobility. She definitely seems to be overall more comfortable. I would recommend this product.

Cbd north for dog review

Will buy more.

CBD gummy’s

They taste great and they work.I wake up some times Achy and sore and in no time at all it’s gone


I ordered the isolate, full spectrum, gummies and cream to manage chronic pain and stopping an antidepressant and I am so happy to have found these products as the transition was smooth. As an added bonus, I sleep amazingly and recover from pain faster. I’m a travel nurse so lots of different beds and chairs and planes….and lots to catch up on when I get home. I’ve told all my friends about it and will definitely be ordering again

Our dog, Farmer

Since starting the CBD oil for dogs, I think that I am seeing some improvement in the night time anxiety that my older border collie experiences. I am still trying to find the right dose for him. I have tried a lot of perscribed medication for him in the last couple of years with no effect, so I am hopeful that CBD will continue to improve his life and the life of his humans. If I forget to give it to him, he reminds me!

THC-Free CBD Oil Isolate
nedeljka crljenica

I don't speak English,5 stars is enough

CBD Gummies - THC-Free
Mel Parkinson
First experience with CBD

Pleasantly surprised to find that my back pain has eased considerably after only a week of use. Initially bought these gummies to treat anxiety as prescription anxiety meds have had very unpleasant side effects for me in the past. Anxiety seems to have decreased as well with no side effects. If only my health insurance would cover these!

CBD Gummies - THC-Free
Valerie Demarco
Cbd Mystic Gummies

So far these work the best for me. By having one before bed, Im able to get a pain free, good nights sleep.

My dog loves these!

I really liked the minimal ingredient list and that these have CBD. Our dog really enjoyed these treats. As soon as the bag opened she lit up and was so excited to get them. She is about 80 lbs and we gave 3 per day.