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CBD for Athletes

Why are so many athletes switching to CBD?

Athletes put massive pressure on their bodies and minds. While there are many over-the-counter drugs for pain, muscle inflammation and anxiety, they often come with harmful side effects or can be highly addictive.

For many athletes, CBD may be a safer and more all-natural way to relieve their pain and anxiety, while improving their sleep and energy.

The Benefits of CBD for Athletes

CBD is Non-Psychoactive & Non-Addictive

While some athletes may turn to THC for pain relief, long-term use has been linked to increased anxiety, risk of psychosis, increased depression, and of course, increased appetite. 

Long-term use of THC has also been linked to reduced concentration, decreased short-term memory and impaired motor skills, which could negatively impact athletic performance.

CBD provides a completely non-psychoactive and all-natural source of pain relief that doesn’t get you high and won’t impair your ability to perform.

CBD also doesn’t seem to have the potential for misuse or addiction, as described in a 2018 report from the World Health Organization. 

In fact, there is even research showing CBD may be effective for treating opioid addiction, by providing a safer and non-addictive source of mental and physical relief.

CBD for Inflammation & Recovery

Athletes go through lots of wear and tear! This can mean inflammation that builds up over time. Excess inflammation can interfere with recovery and performance and cause chronic pain.

CBD has been shown to have a significant effect on reducing inflammation in the body. CBD does this by signalling your immune system to dial down your body’s inflammatory response.

CBD may also have great benefits for managing and relieving severe or chronic pain that can block you from performing your best.

CBD for Better Sleep

For athletes, better sleep means better recovery, better mental clarity and better performance.

Chronic pain, late nights training or the pressure to perform can leave many athletes struggling to get the optimal amount of sleep (8-10 hrs).

As a sleep aid, CBD provides a safe, natural and highly-effective way to help athletes relax before bed, get to sleep and feel more refreshed in the morning. There are many studies that have documented CBD’s effectiveness for helping those with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

CBD for Stress & Performance Anxiety 

Athletes are under massive pressure to win. Such pressures can mean a ton of stress and anxiety that can negatively impact performance.

CBD was shown to be highly effective for relieving anxiety. For Athletes, CBD can help bring relief from the pressures of expectations and competition. By helping to lighten their mental load, CBD can help athletes perform their best.

(Bonus!) THCV for Energy & Appetite Reduction

While CBD is clearly awesome for athletes, it’s just one of more than 100 different cannabinoids found in hemp. For athletes, an exciting and very promising cannabinoid may be THCV.

While it might seem similar to THC, THCV actually has the exact opposite effects.

THC increases your appetite, jacks up your anxiety and decreases your concentration.

In contrast, THCV can actually boost your mental concentration and energy, decrease your appetite and reduce your performance anxiety. For athletes looking to naturally boost energy and focus, THCV may be a new and exciting way to supplement their CBD usage and raise their performance level.

cbd for athletes

The Bottom Line

As a safer alternative to prescription pain killers, CBD can be a powerful source of natural relief for pain, stress and sleep. As competitors, athletes strive to be the best and to achieve peak performance. CBD can help athletes to recover faster, feel better and think with more clarity.

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