CBD Assistance Program:

CBD Assistance Program:

We believe all Canadians have the right to fair, affordable and high-quality CBD Care. Our mission is help all Canadians in Need, through our CBD Assistance Program that offers a 45% discount.

We offer Assistance to the following:

  • Low-Income (Under 42k)
  • Long-Term Disability Status
  • Post-Secondary Students (Age 19+)
  • Teachers
  • Active Military / Veterans
  • Seniors (+65)
  • Firefighters, Officers, Doctors, Nurses and EMTs (Public Health & Safety Workers)
  • Those With A Critical Financial/Medical Need*

Not covered by our categories?*

→ Apply, you may still qualify.

We’ll assess your need with compassion and understanding as our mission is to help all Canadians in critical need.

How to Get your Discount:

  1. Register for an account if you don’t have one. You must have an account to apply.
  2. Fill in the Survey below. It only takes a few seconds!
  3. We’ll assess your application within 24 hours. Once approved, you’ll receive a 45% discount on all full-price orders. Your discount will be applied during checkout. *Pet Products are not included with this discount*.

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