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CBN Guide – The Best Cannabinoid For Sleep?

CBD Education Series

What is CBN

How is CBN Different from CBD?

While CBD is awesome and may help to bring relief for sleep, anxiety and pain issues, CBD is only one of more than 100 different cannabinoids found in hemp.

Each of these cannabinoids may offer their own unique benefits, ranging from the neuroprotective & skincare potential of CBDV, to the anti-inflammatory potential of CBG and the anti-anxiety potential of THCV.

In this guide, we will cover the unique properties of CBN for sleep relief, and how you may maximize your sleep relief by combining CBN with CBD and other natural compounds.

What Is CBN & What Are Its Benefits?

CBN is growing more popular among insomniacs and light sleepers, here’s why:

Both CBD & CBN are natural compounds found in hemp plants.

CBN is chemically different in that it is the natural result of “THC degradation”. So when THC is exposed to air, heat and light, it will naturally change into CBN over time.

It is important to note that while THC is psychoactive, CBN is non-psychoactive and so it will not get you high.

In terms of sleep benefits, the research on CBN is still ongoing, but there is a growing body of support among users and research which do suggest CBN may be the most sedative cannabinoid and therefore the most useful for relieving insomnia and other sleep-related issues.

Also, like CBD, CBN has been suggested to have many additional benefits such as for reducing myofascial pain and relieving fibromyalgia, offering neuroprotective properties, and providing anti-inflammatory effects.

Combining CBN with CBD – Entourage Effect

While CBN may be the most sedative of cannabinoids, this doesn’t mean you’re limited to using just CBN by itself.

In fact, for the best sleep assistance we recommend combining CBN with other cannabinoids like CBD and other natural compounds like melatonin for the most effective overall relief.

This is due to the “entourage effect”, a natural phenomenon in which the benefits of each cannabinoid/compound enhances each other for a greater overall impact. This can occur when you combine CBN, CBD, Melatonin and other natural compounds that promote sleep.


Tips For Difficult Sleepers

If you are new to CBD products and have general issues (sleep + anxiety, pain & more):

We may suggest simply using either of our CBD Isolate or Full-Spectrum CBD products. Our gummies, creams, pain roller and CBD Isolate Oils all feature CBD by itself which should provide general relief for anxiety, sleep and pain in most people.

If you are experiencing more severe symptoms, we recommend using our Full-Spectrum Products as they combine CBD, CBDV, CBG & THCV to bring you even greater relief by utilizing the entourage effect.

In terms of dosing, we suggest starting gradually for the first two days, before building up to your recommended dosage using our CBD Dosage Chart.

If you struggle from major sleep issues or wish to improve your sleep:

Again, using either our CBD Isolate or Full-Spectrum CBD products are generally enough for most people to experience notable improvements to their sleep.

However, for those dealing with severe sleep issues, we recommend using a product focused primarily around CBN – as CBN may be the most potent cannabinoid for sleep relief.

Where Can I Get The Best CBN  Formula for Sleep?

Made in BC with all-natural ingredients, our CBN Sleep Oil was specially formulated to give you the best possible sleep.

We’ve combined the powerful, sleep-promoting properties of CBN, CBD & Melatonin, all together in our CBN Sleep Complex to help you get to bed easier and to stay asleep for longer.

To use it, simply place 0.5-1mL of our CBN Sleep Oil under your tongue, and hold it there for 30 seconds, before washing it down with water. Or, you can mix the CBN Sleep Oil into any nightime drink – like a soothing chamomile tea or a warm glass of milk.

Our CBN Sleep Formula is also third-party tested with an independent lab to ensure it is 100% safe to consume and contains the CBD/CBN levels we promise.

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