Your Privacy Is Important.

  • We will always protect and never share your customer data to any outside party. We will only use it to give you the best experience as a customer, by notifying you of products or deals you might be interested in.
  • We do not store any documents sent in for the purposes of Assistance Program Applications. Following verification/approval, we delete any such personal documents.
  • We package all orders in a secure and discrete package, such that no one can tell what’s in it. There will be absolutely no odor, especially as our CBD products do not have a cannabis smell and we do not use Hemp Oil as the carrier oil (but rather, we use Organic MCT Coconut Oil.)
  • Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We will always do our best to provide a level of support that is kind, knowledgeable and swiftly responsive. We care about you guys, and just want to do our best to serve you!
  • We third-party test and use the high-quality and cleanest ingredients to ensure our products are free of any contaminants such as mold, heavy metals or traces of any other chemicals/solvents.