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CBD for ADHD: What Research Says?



For many, CBD has become a massively popular & natural alternative to prescription drugs. The many therapeutic benefits that users have claimed to experience when using CBD have driven more people towards preferring CBD. Users now use CBD for pain relief and relaxation, however, there is also growing research about using CBD for ADHD.

CBD is primarily non-psychoactive, which means it does not get users “high”. However, it has shown promising results when it comes to helping with ADHD symptoms. The research on this area is still limited, there are growing studies that are exploring the benefits CBD can offer.

There have been studies like the one conducted on Sativex and how such products can help improve hyperactivity and other related ADHD symptoms. Similar studies have been conducted in this space. With this article, we will delve deeper into the research around this area and also understand how CBD can provide potential benefits to help with ADHD, risks, side effects, and legal considerations amongst other factors to help you explore this natural ADHD treatment.   

Research on CBD for ADHD

A great way to understand the use of CBD for attention and focus can be with the help of the research that is available at the moment. This can help us understand how helpful CBD can be for ADHD in a child. 

Before we understand the research around CBD and if it can help with ADHD, it is important to understand the symptoms of ADHD in detail to begin with. ADHD is a common condition that affects an individual’s ability to pay attention and causes impulsiveness, hyperactivity and other symptoms that can contribute to the individual’s performance at school or work. 

The initial symptoms of ADHD are said to start during childhood and can continue to have an onset during one’s adulthood as well. Since these symptoms have an impact on their lifestyle, they can also cause the individuals to have reduced confidence along with other insecurities. 

ADHD is classified into the following as per the symptoms:

  • Predominantly inattentive
  • Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive
  • A combination of both

One study explored the effectiveness of CBD oils for ADHD symptoms. The research was positive and showed signs of how CBD can potentially help with ADHD similar to that of ADHD supplements. However, the authors noted that there are limited signs to confirm the use of CBD for ADHD in children.

While from the research we have seen we can understand that further study is needed to confirm if CBD can be fully effective for ADHD, there are still enough studies exploring the benefits. For example, a lot of ADHD patients experience anxiety and depression, however, CBD is known to help alleviate this and help the user feel relaxed.

Similarly, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to help with better mood, focus and also memory, making it great for people who suffer from ADHD.

Does CBD Help with ADHD?

There is a lot of ongoing research about CBD and the innumerable benefits it can offer as a whole, there are new areas of discussion that emerge each time. People discuss CBD strains for ADHD or even about what is the best weed for ADHD. Before we answer any of this, we need to move to understanding whether CBD can help with ADHD or not. 

One randomized study looked at adults with ADHD and how Sativex, a product with CBD and THC at a 1:1 ratio could help with improving impulsivity and hyperactivity in these individuals. This showed significant improvements in the symptoms of these individuals. However, since the sample size is small, the data is not significant enough to apply to everyone. Further tests on a diverse group can help solidify these claims.  

Another article explored the role of the endocannabinoid system in ADHD. This study explored how a lot of ADHD symptoms can be caused because of an endocannabinoid system that is dysregulated. Since CBD particularly interacts with this part of the body extensively, it can help regulate the ECS, further helping with a variety of ADHD symptoms. 

It is important to note that CBD is non-psychoactive and is known specifically with the ECS, the part of the body that regulates mood, pain, and memory amongst other processes. CBD can interact with the ECS to stabilize energy levels, reduce hyperactivity, and also help stabilize mood. CBD can also help address other ADHD issues and help improve focus and concentration and also help with a sense of relaxation. 

CBD and ADHD Symptoms

As we have discussed already, there is still limited research on CBD and how it can help with ADHD. However, the research that has been conducted shows promising results. CBD can help alleviate various symptoms linked with ADHD. Patients suffering from ADHD often feel a sense of burnout which causes them stress and anxiety. CBD can help them get a calming effect. 

Since CBD interacts with the ECS, the part of the body that is directly linked to regulating the natural state of the body, it can help with issues related to mood, pain, memory, etc. Owing to this interaction, CBD can help users with an improved focus, potentially addressing the lack of motivation by regulating the receptors, easing anxiety and stress and also helping with better focus. 

As these symptoms are alleviated, users instantly tend to find a sense of relief from their ADHD symptoms and function better. While CBD cannot completely cure an individual of their symptoms, CBD can certainly help individuals manage their symptoms more effectively. 

This should help users understand that ADHD and Cannabis can have a beneficial and fruitful relationship. If you are wondering what CBD is best for ADHD, this is something we will be discussing next to help you find the perfect product. 

Benefits of CBD Oil for ADHD

With the growing interest in exploring the relationship between weed and ADHD, many users have been exploring and asking the question, does weed help with ADHD? More importantly, they are exploring how different extracts of weed like CBD can help with ADHD. While CBD is sold in many forms, CBD oil for ADHD seems to be an ideal choice. 

But why is that the case? With so many users looking for the best edibles for ADHD amongst other variants of CBD, what makes CBD oils so good? This study looked at how CBD oil can help with ADHD symptoms. It was looked at as an alternative medicine and showed immense promise in terms of how effective it proved to be with the benefits. 

Similarly, some reports suggest how CBD oil has helped users reduce hyperactivity and provided users with a calming effect. CBD is also said to have much lower side effects in comparison to traditional medication. CBD is non-psychoactive and is well tolerated. It may cause a reduction in appetite and dry mouth. However, these side effects only last until the body gets used to CBD. 

While the research data is still limited, innumerable users have tried CBD and have spoken volumes about about they have alleviated their ADHD symptoms through CBD. Users have claimed that they have been able to feel more relaxed, feel less restless and can focus more. These online reviews have worked well to make users want to give CBD a try. 

While CBD might not be the absolute cure for ADHD, it can certainly help users manage their symptoms better. CBD can help users ease stress, alleviate symptoms of anxiety and help with an enhanced focus.  


Experts’ Opinion on CBD for ADHD

As we continue to look at more research on the use of CBD for ADHD, we can also consider looking at what the experts have to say. This can help us further narrow down how effective CBD may be. Looking at what experts have to say, a 2013 study by Mallory Loflin presented how people who regularly used cannabis often felt symptoms like hyperactivity or impulsivity when they would not be using CBD. 

This suggests that CBD is capable of helping users with ADHD manage these symptoms through its interaction with the ECS, providing users with a calming effect and helping them deal with the symptoms better. Along the same lines, Dr. Mitch Earleywine, a professor of psychology at the University of Albany, SUNY, states that there are countless anecdotes and user testimonials about how CBD can help with ADHD. 

He states that this is true for many other symptoms as users have also suggested the benefits CBD has against pain relief and other conditions. However, since there is little research in this area at the moment, it cannot be confirmed definitively. As research in this space evolves further, we will be at a place where we can generalize this further and state how CND can help with CBD.  

Is CBD Safe for Children?

As we have explored the relationship between ADHD and Cannabis, or CBD to be more precise, the actual debate about how safe CBD can be for ADHD for children remains a topic that needs a lot more research. CBD is certainly capable of providing benefits to its users and the FDA-approved drug that is used to help treat rare forms of epilepsy is proof that CBD is exceptional. 

That being said, with little research around CBD for ADHD, we would have to rely on anecdotal evidence paired with existing research that can help us understand this better. There are user testimonials of thousands of users who claim that CBD has helped them with their anxiety and ADHD. Some users have even mentioned the use of CBD for ADHD’s sleep-related issues as well.

There are studies suggesting that people who suffer from ADHD are more likely to use alcohol and other recreational drugs early on in their lives. A compound like CBD can be perfect for children and teenagers as it provides therapeutic benefits, all while having no psychoactive effects that could get an individual “high”. This can help users find relief against their symptoms all while staying free of addictions. 

CBD is gaining wide popularity because of the many benefits it can offer. It is said to help with pain relief and inflammation, it can help with epilepsy with an FDA-approved drug to prove the claim. CBD is also said to help with anxiety and stress relief. However, it cannot be said that CBD is an alternative to modern medicine. It may be used as a way to support your recovery and manage symptoms after consulting with a medical professional about the current prescription and potential side effects, 

While determining the ideal dose for children may be difficult as there is no research backing this, it is ideal to start with the lowest dose possible and build upward based on how your child responds to these doses. Make sure to switch doses gradually to avoid any side effects.

Also make sure to consult with a doctor before even considering giving them CBD. 

Why You Should Try CBD for ADHD

There are treatment options available in modern medicine for ADHD but a lot of people often look for an alternative that might work better and provide better results. While CBD has been studied less, the few results so far have been positive. Alongside this, CBD also has lower side effects than most modern ones which makes it a great choice for many users. 

Many stimulants that are used to treat ADHD can cause symptoms like insomnia, mood changes, poor appetite and headaches, CBD on the other hand has minimal side effects like dry mouth and digestive issues. Most of the side effects caused by CBD fade away once the body is fully used to the CBD.

If you or your child are suffering from ADHD, CBD can help manage the symptoms better. CBD is known to help with stress relief, alleviate anxiety, and reduce hyperactivity, and sensitivity amongst other benefits. This is because of CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system. 

There are a myriad of users who claim to have experienced life-changing benefits by using and swear by its benefits. This can draw more interest toward CBD as a whole and has maintained continued interest in the compound. If you are someone who might be looking for a natural alternative to help with your ADHD instead of traditional medicine, then CBD is perfect for you. You can consider starting your journey with CBD oil in small doses to experience the benefits yourself. 


With the growing popularity of CBD, many users are looking to explore the uses of CBD for ADHD. While there is not enough research on this topic at the moment, this is still an area that attracts a lot of attention owing to how promising other research about CBD has been along with many users who have come out speaking about the many benefits of CBD.

Users have claimed that CBD has helped them manage their hyperactivity, and anxiety and have gained an improved focus. This is because of the interaction CBD has with the endocannabinoid system in our body. While CBD can offer a lot of benefits, it is not a cure for ADHD but rather an effective way to manage symptoms better. 

Since CBD also causes comparatively milder side effects in comparison to modern medicine, a lot of users are drawn to how CBD can help them with their ADHD and various other issues. While you are looking to start your journey with CBD, be cautious and work with a healthcare worker to understand how CBD may interact with your prescription. 

Keep in mind to prioritize product quality, look at third-party tested CBD products that are potent and provide the results that they claim. It is also important to look at local regulations and ensure the manufacturer abides by all the regulations.  


Frequently Asked Question On CBD for ADHD

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound that is primarily derived from the cannabis and hemp plants. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and does not get the users high. It is said to interact with the ECS in the body to help with a plethora of health issues. 

Is CBD safe for children with ADHD?

From the benefits that we know from the little research around CBD and user reviews, CBD can help manage symptoms of ADHD. However, it would be ideal to work with a healthcare worker to further understand how CBD can affect your child. This is because the current research is not conclusive and may have potential risks.

How does CBD work for ADHD?

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system where it works with the receptors to regulate mood, anxiety, and stress, and is also said to help with better focus and energy levels. Due to these benefits, CBD can work wonders for patients with ADHD. 

What are the side effects of CBD for ADHD?

CBD has comparatively lower side effects in comparison to modern medicine. However, the common side effects of CBD include dry mouth, digestive issues, and drowsiness. These issues fade away once your body gets used to the CBD.

Is CBD legal for ADHD treatment?

The legality of CBD and cannabis as a whole depends on where you are located. CBD is completely legal in Canada. It is ideal for you to look at your local law regulation to understand what the legal status of CBD is in your location. 

How much CBD should I take for ADHD?

It would be ideal to start with the lowest dose possible and then work upwards as that would allow you to understand the impact CBD has on your body and how can make the best use of it without any adverse effects. 

Are there any drug interactions with CBD for ADHD?

CBD is capable of interacting with any medication/prescription you might be on. Hence it is ideal that you first consult with a healthcare worker to understand how the CBD can interact with the medication. This will avoid adverse side effects. 

Can CBD cure ADHD?

No, CBD can only help you manage your symptoms more effectively. CBD cannot completely cure your ADHD. CBD cannot be a replacement for conventional medicine, it is only a supporting supplement.

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