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CBD for Menstrual Pain

Around 80% of women experience menstrual pain at some point in their life – Can CBD help them?

Menstrual pain is no joke. It can range from dull and aching to severe and like being stabbed in the gut. While there are many pain-relieving products on the market for menstrual cramps, not all of them may be equally effective.

There may be even fewer choices if you’re looking for something natural and organic. So, how effective is CBD for Menstrual Pain? After all, CBD is well known for its use in managing chronic pain and inflammation.

That’s why we’ve made this guide to help you understand how CBD may help bring relief for menstrual pain.

CBD for Menstrual Pain

How Can CBD Help for Menstrual Pain?

Recent research has shown CBD’s promising potential for relieving menstrual headaches, pains and emotional symptoms.

As you may also know, CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may help to relieve chronic pains. As inflammation may play a role in the severity of menstrual pain, CBD could potentially help in reducing menstrual-induced inflammation and pain.

So how exactly does CBD reduce inflammation? Well, our bodies naturally produce CBD which works together with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) to regulate our body’s pain and immune response.

When you supplement with plant-sourced CBD, you are helping your body promote both anti-inflammatory and pain-relief responses.

Beyond that, CBD may also help reduce other menstrual-related symptoms like nausea, cramping, and anxiety from chronic pain.

CBD Isolate vs. Full-Spectrum CBD?

So which CBD products are best for Menstrual Pain?

There is CBD Isolate which is just CBD alone without any THC. Then, there are Full-Spectrum Products made with the raw hemp extract containing all the naturally occurring cannabinoids like CBD, THC, CBDV, CBG, THCV and more.

In general, Full-Spectrum products will not get you high as they usually contain only low amounts of THC. For instance, our CBDNorth Full-Spectrum Products have less than 1% THC which is not enough to get you high. Furthemore, the CBD would effectively cancel any effects of such trace amounts of THC.

The benefit of Full-Spectrum products is they contain all the naturally occurring cannabinoids in hemp, which when taken together creates a synergestic entourage effect. This is when the effects of each unique cannabinoid enhances the effects of one another.  And this may make the overall product more effective in dealing with menstrual pain.

How Can I Use CBD for Menstrual Pain Relief?

Whether you prefer ingestible CBD (like gummies or tinctures) or topicals (like balms or creams), there are many ways you can access CBD Care for your Menstrual Pain. Here are some easy ways to include CBD in your monthly routine.

1. Adding CBD Oil To A Beverage

Some users may not like the sensation of CBD oil, or maybe they’re just not in the mood for it. No worries though. You can always add CBD Oil to any of your favourite drinks like tea, coffee, juices or even mocktails or smoothies to help make it tastier and more fun to consume CBD.

2. CBD Topicals

CBD Balms or Creams can be great way for some soothing and targeted relief. As CBD topicals don’t get absorbed into the bloodstream but only the affected muscles & skin, you can apply as much as you want to your affected tummy, neck, back and even forehead. This may help your body absorb the CBD more quickly to provide faster relief.

Also, the moisturizing benefits of a quality CBD balm can help speed the healing of dry, cracked, or achy skin.

3. CBD Gummies

Sweet cravings during your period are common. This may happen because hormonal changes can lead to a drop in blood sugar and serotonin levels. 

Serotonin is often referred to as the “feel good” chemical in our brains, which helps improve our mood. And so the body may naturally crave something sweet and yummy to regulate the blood sugar and produce more serotonin to balance our mood.

So, a great way to add some CBD relief while also satiating those cravings is by treating yourself to some savoury Sour Berry CBD Gummies made with Organic Cane Sugar.

Final Words

In summary, CBD may offer relief for those suffering from menstrual cramps, headaches, nausea and pain. CBD is already produced in our bodies. By supplementing with plant-sourced CBD, we are helping our bodies to reduce our overall levels of menstrual pain and inflammation.

The Best CBD for Your Menstrual Pain

CBDNorth is the first in Canada to have CBD, CBDV, CBG & THCV in one complete full-spectrum. In addition to the pain-relief, anti-inflammatory and sleep benefits of CBD, each of these 3 other cannabinoids have their own unique health effects which may help to further relieve other menstrual-related symptoms. Combined together, our full-spectrum blend offers the most complete benefits of any CBD for Menstrual Pain, Headaches, Cramps and Nausea.

Made in BC with all-natural ingredients, all our CBD products deliver the best in high-quality, effective CBD care for those suffering from chronic pain, inflammation and more.

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