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Here’s How CBD Can Help Your Pet.

Many Canadians are using CBD for pets. Why is this?

As it turns out, it’s not just humans that have cannabinoid receptors, but all animals. This means CBD has the same exact benefits for pets as it does for humans! So what are the benefits of CBD for pets?

In this guide, we will cover the benefits of CBD for ageing pets with pain and inflammation, and for cats and dogs suffering from stress, anxiety or sleep issues.

All-Natural & Effective Relief for Pets.

1) Safe & Effective

CBD is different from THC. CBD is non-psychoactive so it won’t get your pet high. Rather, CBD will simply help your pet relax and improve their quality of life.

2) Pain & Joint Relief

As they age, issues like arthritis, hip-dysplasia & general pain or inflammation are all too common for pets. Such chronic issues can drastically impact your pet’s well-being and transform them from that happy bouncy love-ball to a pet that is quietly suffering in great pain.

Fortunately, CBD has been shown to have numerous benefits for pets for relieving inflammation, pain, and arthritis.

In one 2018 study, researchers gave dogs doses of 2 or 8 mg of CBD per kg of weight, with about 80 percent of dogs showing noticeable improvement in their mobility and pain. 

A 2020 study found CBD to bring noticeable improvement in mobility and quality of life for dogs with osteoarthritis

Overall, CBD for pets could be a safe, effective and natural way to relieve your pet’s pain and inflammation.

3) Soothing Relief for Anxious/Stressed Pets

CBD can also help your pet relax in stressful situations. Going to the vet for a regular checkup or giving them that super necessary bath? Not only can CBD for pets be useful for them, but it can help you to calm down and manage a stressed out pet.

CBD has been shown to be an effective source of relief for anxiety in people, it has the same benefits for calming and soothing your pet.

4) Better Sleep for Pets

Chronic pain, environmental stress and anxiety can all have negative impacts on your pet’s ability to sleep.

As with people, CBD can also help your Furry Friends with getting to sleep

In 2013, one study showed that CBD significantly increased the total sleep times for pets who consume 10 to 40 mg per kilogram of CBD.

If your pet is struggling with severe pain and has trouble sleeping, larger doses of CBD could be an effective and natural way to help them sleep better.

“How Much CBD Does My Pet Need?”

Recommended Dose for Pets:

Generally, pets should have 1-5mg per 10lbs depending on their ailment. If your pet is not responding with lower doses, we recommend a maximum of 8mg per 10lbs. Pets need much less than humans so start small!

Severity of Pain


CBD for Pets Dosage


Anxiety & Mild Pain

1 mg per 10lbs


Pain, Sleep & Anxiety

3 mg per 10lbs


Severe Pain

5 mg per 10lbs

Wondering how much Pet CBD Oil your pet needs?

CBD Dosage Chart for Pets

Dog CBD Oil (500mg)

Recommended Daily Dosage  – CBDNorth for Dogs

Dog Weight

Mild Symptoms

Moderate Symptoms

Severe Symptoms

10lbs3 Oil Droplets0.2mL of oil0.33mL of oil
20lbs6 Oil Droplets0.4mL of oil0.66mL of oil
30lbs0.20mL of oil0.6mL of oil1.00mL of oil
40lbs0.25mL of oil0.8mL of oil1.33mL of oil
50lbs0.30mL of oil1.0mL of oil1.66mL of oil
60lbs0.35mL of oil1.2mL of oil2.00mL of oil
70lbs0.40mL of oil1.4mL of oil2.33mL of oil
80lbs0.45mL of oil1.6mL of oil2.66mL of oil
90lbs0.50mL of oil1.8mL of oil3.00mL of oil
100lbs0.55mL of oil2.0mL of oil3.33mL of oil
110lbs0.60mL of oil2.2mL of oil3.66mL of oil
120lbs0.65mL of oil2.4mL of oil4.00mL of oil
130lbs0.70mL of oil2.6mL of oil4.33mL of oil
140lbs0.75mL of oil2.8mL of oil4.66mL of oil
150lbs0.80mL of oil3.0mL of oil5.00mL of oil
160lbs0.85mL of oil3.2mL of oil5.33mL of oil
170lbs0.90mL of oil3.4mL of oil5.66mL of oil
180lbs1.00mL of oil3.6mL of oil6.00mL of oil

*Use the measurement lines on our oil dropper.

For Larger Dogs – Over 100lbs: We may suggest using our 1000mg Isolate Oil instead, which has double the strength of this 500mg CBD Pet Oil. For the 1000mg Isolate Oil, simply use half the recommended dosage on this chart.

CBD Dog Treats (450mg)

Recommended Daily Dosage  – CBDNorth Dog Treats

Dog Weight

Mild Symptoms

Moderate Symptoms

Severe Symptoms

10lbs1/10 of a treat1/4 of a treat1/2 of a treat
20lbs1/5 of a treat1/2 of a treat1 full treat
30lbs1/4 of a treat1 full treat2 full treats
40lbs1/4 of  a treat1.25 treats2.5 treats
50lbs1/2 of a treat1.5 treats3 full treats
60lbs1/2 of a treat1.75 treats3.5 treats
70lbs3/4 of a treat2 full treats4 full treats
80lbs3/4 of a treat2.25 treats4.5 treats
90lbs1 full treat2.5 treats5 full treats
100lbs1 full treat2.75 treats5.5 treats
110lbs1 full treat3 full treats6 full treats
120lbs1.25 treats3.25 treats6.5 treats
130lbs1.25 treats3.5 treats7 full treats
140lbs1.5 treats3.75 treats7.5 treats
150lbs1.5 treats4 full treats8 full treats
160lbs1.5 treats4.25 treats8.5 treats
170lbs1.75 treats4.5 treats9 full treats
180lbs2 treats4.75 treats9.5 full treats

Note: These amounts are a general starting point. Every dog responds differently to CBD, some needing more and some less. So adjust their dosage based on how they respond. Does your dog seem too sleepy or relaxed? Decrease the dosage. If it doesn’t seem to be affecting them, then increase the dosage amount or even the frequency to 2-3 times a day.

For Larger Dogs – Over 150lbs: We may suggest using our 1000mg or 2000mg Isolate Oil instead as a better value choice for dogs needing higher doses of CBD.

Cat CBD Oil (250mg)

Recommended Daily Dose – CBDNorth for Cats.

Severity of PainSymptomsCBD Oil Dosage
MildAnxiety & Mild Pain5 oil droplets (1mg of CBD)
ModeratePain, Sleep & Anxiety0.35mL of oil  (3mg of CBD)
StrongSevere Pain0.6mL of oil  (5mg of CBD)

*Use the measurement lines on our oil droppers.

Note: These amounts are a general starting point. Every pet responds differently to CBD, some needing more and some less. So adjust their dosage based on how they respond. Does your pet seem too sleepy or relaxed? Decrease the dosage. If it doesn’t seem to be affecting them, then increase the dosage amount or even the frequency to 2-3 times a day.

Can Pets Have Too Much CBD?

According to a 2011 study, harmful doses only occurred when CBD was given intravenously and at extremely high levels. This is far more than any dog could consume at once. More than any single bottle of Pet CBD oil or entire bag of CBD Pet Treats! At best, giving your pet too much CBD will have them extremely relaxed and sleeping comfortably. At worst, it could give them diarrhea from the excess amount of oil, food or CBD.

The Bottom Line On CBD for Pets

As a safe, effective and natural supplement, CBD can help relieve your cat or dog’s pain, inflammation, anxiety and improve their sleep. So help your furry friend out now by giving them some all-natural CBD.

Canada’s Best CBD for Pets

CBDNorth’s Pet CBD Oil with Wild Salmon combines the soothing care of CBD with the incredible benefits of Omega-3s for a healthy heart, joints & coat. Treat your pet to the tasty flavours of Wild Alaskan Salmon, combined with Organic MCT Coconut Oil!

Our handcrafted CBD Dog Treats are made with just 4 high-quality ingredients, with no fillers or artificial preservatives, to give your dog the cleanest and yummiest expeirence while also providing the soothing relief of CBD.

Made in BC with all-natural ingredients, all our CBD products deliver the best in high-quality, effective CBD care for Canada’s heroes.

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Why Wild Salmon & No Bacon?

We use Wild Salmon oil as dogs and cats love the yummy taste plus it’s clean, natural and loaded with amazing Omega-3s to help with a healthy coat, heart and joints.

Other CBD brands use artificial flavourings like bacon that may contain harmful phosphates linked to cancer and tumours. At CBDNorth we only use ingredients that are all-natural and have healthy benefits for all our users – pets and people alike!

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Our premium CBD Dog Treats are hand-crafted with just 4 ingredients to give your dog the cleanest and most effective CBD experience.

Organic Hemp Extract to give your dog the soothing care of CBD. Chickpeas for a high-quality source of protein, vitamins A, B and C, and fiber to support digestion and anti-inflammatory benefits. Natural vegetable glycerin from coconuts to help keep the treats soft and yummy.

Contains no artificial preservatives or flavouring. These CBD Dog Treats are also 100% THC-Free.


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