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Does CBD Oil Expire?

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Can CBD Oil go bad and how? How long will a bottle of CBD Oil last once opened? You may be staring at one of our glorious bottles right now and wondering this. Luckily, there’s a few easy ways to know if your CBD Oil is still in good condition and some simple ways to help preserve its shelf life.

How Long Does CBD Oil Last For?

In general, CBD oil can last for up to 2 years if unopened. Once opened, CBD oil is best consumed within a year. The CBD itself is an organic compound which will gradually breakdown over time. However, this process is a very slow one and takes many months/years.

Light, heat and air can speed up the breakdown of CBD as it’s an organic compound. So once opened, we generally recommend consuming the CBD oil within the first year for the most effective relief.

For most users this won’t be an issue as they’ll likely be consuming the entire bottle before any significant breakdown has occurred. Our 30mL Oil Tinctures come with 30 serving sizes, while our 1000mg Full-Spectrum (a 50mL bottle) has 50 serving sizes. So for users consuming a 1mL dose daily, it would only take about 30-50 days to use the whole bottle – a short enough period that no major breakdown will have occurred.

Is It Bad to Consume Old CBD Oil?

Got old CBD oil you’ve rediscovered and want to use? If you’re worried about getting sick, don’t be to scared. It’s usually safe to use so long as it’s not over a year old and doesn’t smell or taste rancid. If it only tastes slightly more bitter, this is a natural change as a result of the breakdown of the CBD but does not mean the CBD oil has expired yet.

Signs Your  CBD Oil Has Expired

Look for cloudy, black or foggy looking oil. If the CBD Oil has been exposed to the open air, heat or light then it may increase the chances it’s gone bad. If it tastes or smells rancid, then it’s definitely gone bad.

Our CBD Oil is made by mixing Organic CBD Hemp Extract with Organic MCT Oil (the carrier oil). If the CBD Oil has gone rancid, this is because the MCT Oil has become oxidized – a natural reaction that happens to oils when excessively exposed to heat or air. If your CBD Oil smells or tastes rotten do not consume it!

Making Your CBD Oil Last

Heat, light and oxygen will speed up the breakdown or your CBD Oil. So the best way to prolong its lifespan is to keep the CBD Oil in a dark and cool place like a kitchen cupboard, pantry or medicine cabinet. A gym bag or purse works great too so long as it’s kept cool and dry. If you’re feeling extra protective, you can keep your CBD Oil in the fridge – but this is generally overkill as you’ll likely finish your bottle within the first 2 months.

You should also keep your CBD Oil in it’s amber glass bottle, as the dark tint and airtight seal helps prevent direct air or light and keep your CBD from breaking down.

How Long Do CBD Gummies & Creams Last?

CBD Creams & Gummies have a similiar shelf life of 1-2 years. To preserve their lifespan and potency, it’s also best to keep them away from the direct sunlight, air and heat and to consume them soon after purchasing.

Now that you know all about CBD shelf life, it’s time to put this into action! If you’re looking for a new CBD Product made from the freshest and most effective ingredients, then shop our CBD Oil Tinctures, CBD Gummies and CBD Creams.

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