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“Can I Use CBD While I’m Pregnant?”

CBD Education Series

You’re excited to have a child, but worried about the symptoms that come with pregnancy. Or perhaps, you’re already pregnant and suffering from terrible nausea, fatigue, cramping and decreased mood.

Struggling with these symptoms, you wonder if CBD can help you as a natural source of relief. But is it safe to use it based on the current research? Can CBD be even used while nursing? Find out as we answer these important questions.

The Safest Choice For Your Child

Based on Research & Public Health Guidelines..

While CBD is widely considered to be safe for adult consumption, it is not recommended to use CBD while pregnant or nursing. This is because any CBD consumed by a pregnant mother will pass onto the developing baby. This is similiar to guidelines against the use of common painkillers like Advil while pregnant.

Presently, the exact effects of CBD on a developing child are currently unknown.

In regards to mice studies, there have been some findings which suggest a link in CBD exposure and changes in the brain of the developing infant.

Notably, one study done on pregnant mice did seem to suggest that CBD exposure on pregnant mothers could impact mood and cognition in developing infants.

Among the study’s key findings:

  • Routine CBD given to pregnant moms increased anxiety and improved memory performance in adult female offspring, while males were unaffected.
  • The effects of CBD during pregnancy persisted even though the offspring had no direct exposure as adults.
  • CBD exposure on pregnant moms appeared to shift genes responsible for formation of new neurons in developing infants.

So in short, it’s likely best to avoid using CBD while pregnant. If you are currently using CBD and planning to get pregnant, we recommend ceasing the use of CBD a full week before you plan to get pregnant – as CBD may take up to 7 days to fully leave the body.

Can CBD Be Used Post-Birth, While Nursing?

Just as CBD is not recommended during pregnancy, it is also not recommended to be used while breastfeeding. This is because cannabinoids that are consumed by the mother like CBD, will enter the breast milk and be passed onto the baby.

While it is true that some cannabinoids are naturally present in breastmilk and may play a role in promoting hunger and engaging infants to suckle, it is unknown how adding additional cannabinoids may affect their cognitive and physical development.

So unfortunately, the safest option for your child is to simply abstain from using CBD while nursing.

Which CBD Product Should I Use, Post-Nursing?

At CBDNorth, we value the safety of our customers and their familes first and foremost. This is why we test all our products with a third-party lab to ensure they are 100% safe for consumption.

While you may not be able to use CBD while pregnant or nursing, our products can help provide you the relief you are looking for after you have completed the nursing stage with your baby.

Tired and sore from carrying your baby all day? If you’re looking for relief for aching muscles or even damaged skin, our CBD Topicals can provide you effective and targeted relief.

If you’re looking for whole body relief, we recommend using our CBD Oil Tinctures or CBD Gummies.

When it comes to stress, sleep or pain for new moms, we generally recommend our Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for the most effective relief. This is due to our unique Full-Spectrum formula which contains CBD, CBDV, CBG and THCV for the most complete range benefits. For those looking for a THC-Free product, our CBD Isolate Oil is not only 100% THC-Free, but delivers great overall relief with also the cleanest and lightest taste.

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