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“Can I Overdose on CBD?”

CBD Education Series

First time using CBD? Wondering if it’s possible to have too much? Or maybe you’re still trying to find the right dose and you’re wondering if it’s safe to increase your overall dosage?

In this guide, we will explain how much CBD you can safely use on a daily basis, based on the scientific research and public health guidelines. We will also give you some tips on how you safely adjust your CBD dosage for the best results.

What the Experts Are Saying.

Simply put, CBD has been well researched and deemed to be a safe, effective and non-addictive source of relief.

As the World Health Organization concluded in their comprehensive report on CBD, “there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD,” and “CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential”.

Does this mean that it’s impossible to overdose on CBD? No, actually. But the amount of CBD you would need to have to reach unsafe levels would be far beyond what you’d normally consume.

For instance, the lethal dose 50 of CBD is about 212mg of CBD per 1 kg of body weight, meaning a 100kg person has a 50% chance of dying after being given 21200mg of CBD. However, this is extremely unlikely to ever happen as it’d mean drinking 10-20 bottles of CBD in one sitting – something we really don’t recommend!

So How Much CBD Can I Safely Take?

Everyone responds differently to CBD. Most people only need an average amount of CBD which can range from 10-30mg daily based on their body weight and symptoms. However, some Canadians may need higher doses of CBD for their severe or chronic illnesses. But again, such amounts would be nowhere near the lethal dose of CBD.

A 2011 study and a 2017 study found that doses of 1500mg daily (that’s an entire bottle of high strength CBD a day) was well-tolerated in patients and did not lead to any signs of negative health effects or dependence/addiction.

So if you’re worried about increasing your dosage slightly by just 5-10mg, or more by about 30-50mg, you can safely do so without much concern.

Are There Still Side Effects to CBD?

While CBD has been documented to be a safe, effective and non-addictive source of relief, it may not work for everyone.

Some people may naturally have a high sensitivity to CBD, which can mean side-effects such as headaches, dizziness, nausea or diarrhea. For those experiencing these symptoms, we recommend decreasing your dose considerably – by as much as half to see if this helps reduce or eliminate side-effects.

For others, they may have an adverse reaction to the MCT Oil used as the carrier oil in CBD oils, as some people are intolerant to coconuts. For these individuals, we recommend using a CBD topical or CBD gummies instead to avoid consuming any coconut-based ingredients.

For some, using a CBD oil can leave you with a dry mouth or even some indigestion. If you experience these side-effects, we recommend either washing down your CBD Oil with some water or any healthy beverage of your choice and also to take your CBD after a meal to help prevent any stomach agitation.

What Does This Mean For My Dosing?

So as we’ve discussed, you do not have to worry about overdosing on CBD so long as you’re using a reasonable amount.

Most people don’t experience any notable side-effects from having too much CBD other than drowsiness. If you are looking to use your CBD during the day, but you find it’s making you sleepy – then you can simply decrease your dosage by 50-75%.

As noted above, some people do experience side effects from CBD. This is why we always recommend first-time users to start slow, and to increase their dosage gradually in the first 2-5 days. However, if you are not experiencing any relief or side-effects, it is quite safe to rapidly increase your dose until you feel your desired benefits.

Where Can I Find Safe & Effective CBD Products?

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