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CBD For Cigarette Addiction

Is CBD the best alternative for quitting smoking?

Whether it’s cigarettes or trendy vapes, every generation has millions addicted to tobacco smoking.

For those struggling with cigarette addiction – this habit might seem impossible to kick. While nicotine gums and other products may help curb these cravings, they may still have heir own side-effects and may not do enough to actually prevent cravings from occurring in the first place. As a result, those seeking to quit may seek a more natural and relaxing alternative with fewer side-effects.

That’s where CBD enters the picture. While the research is still ongoing, CBD may have potential to help those trying to quitting their cigarette addiction.

How Does CBD Help Treat Cigarette Addiction?

Unlike some prescription painkillers, CBD is not addictive and does not appear to have the risk for addiction (as reported by the World Health Organization). CBD is derived from hemp, the “cousin” of the cannabis plant and so unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and cannot get you high.

Currently, many people use CBD to relieve body aches, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and more.

And thanks to its organic nature, many people are turning towards CBD as a natural alternative to prescription drugs. Since it is a natural compound (which we already produce in our bodies), CBD does not usually cause adverse reactions. Some users may report nausea or dizziness. While for the majority of people, the worst that may occur from over-dosing is feeling a little sleepy. Plus, CBD is almost impossible to overdose on, which means it’s unlikely you’ll ever be taking too much.

So, let’s take a look at some potential ways CBD can help curb your nicotine addiction…

1. No Nicotone

While you may not want to go completely cold-turkey from nicotine, reducing your nicotine intake by having less gums or patches and replacing at least some of them with CBD may mean choosing a healthier alternative with less side-effects.

Products like nicotine gums may have side-effects like bleeding gums, upset stomach, damage to the teeth and more, and nicotine patches may carry side effects like a racing heart, sleep issues, headaches and nausea.

Using CBD means avoiding these potential adverse effects that come with nicotine products.

2. Costs Less than Smoking

Since the effects of CBD last much longer than tobacco products, you won’t feel the need as much to go for a quick smoke. This means you may find yourself smoking less, saving you from the daily expense.

Consequently, this may help you realize the amount of money you wasted on regular cigarettes, and consciously make an effort to stay away from tobacco.

3. Legal Smoking Cessation Product

As for legality, CBD products are 100% legal for medicinal use in Canada under the Cannabis Act, although you must be at least 19 years of age or 18+ in Alberta or Quebec.

So you can feel safe using any CBD product, so long as it’s from a trustworthy company and it’s been third-party tested for any residual pesticides or contaminants.

4. Prevents Withdrawal Symptoms

The worst part about quitting tobacco is the withdrawal phase. This is the time when you experience symptoms like high blood pressure, change in appetite, insomnia, anxiety, and more. And during such hard times, it is difficult for smokers to not reach out for a cigarette.

CBD can help to soothe your anxiety and stress, among other symptoms – making you feel more calm and focused and less wanting to smoke. CBD may also work to reduce that actual triggers that make you want to smoke in the first place. In one study, researchers found that CBD did appear to be effective for reducing stress and anxiety triggers that lead to cigarette cravings.

How To Choose The Right CBD Product?

For many, quitting cigarettes is not something that can be done just cold turkey. You may need to have some patience to experience positive results. That’s why an effective product can aid the process of quitting.

Here are some points you must keep in mind to choose the right CBD-infused smoking cessation product:

  • The THC content should be less than 1%
  • The hemp sourced should be organic
  • The product should be tested by third-party labs

The Best CBD Product For Cigarette Addiction?

There are many CBD products to choose from – so choosing the best product for you means finding what’s right for your taste and convenience. Also it means learning about other cannabinoids like THCV that may help with addiction.

For starters, CBD oils or tinctures can be placed under the tongue where there is a “sublingual gland”. This allows the CBD to enter your bloodstream directly and interact with the CBD receptors in your system. This makes them the most effective and fast-acting CBD product.

Alternatively, some may prefer tasty CBD gummies, while the rest may even want a CBD vape pen to simulate the act of holding and smoking a cigarette. Though, we don’t encourage any forms of smoking if possible as the fumes may be harmful to your lungs even without any nicotine.

In terms of Full-Spectrum vs. CBD Isolate, we find that Full-Spectrum are generally more effective, specifically for reducing the triggers for cigarette cravings (anxiety and stress). Compared to CBD Isolate with just CBD, Full-Spectrum CBD has other cannabinoids like THCV. THCV may work like the opposite of THC by blocking THC receptors and reducing your anxiety, while increasing mental clarity and focus. So finding a Full-Spectrum with THCV is likely the best possible CBD product for reducing triggers that lead to cravings and for increasing your mental resilience by a clearer mind.

Final Words

There’s no easy cure for quitting cigarettes. While CBD can help in the process, it cannot guarantee a change of heart and habit overnight.

While studies on CBD for addiction are still ongoing, current research suggests CBD may have potential to reduce cigarette cravings and provide relief during the difficult process of quitting. Moreover, CBD products may provide a healthier alternative with less side-effects than nicotine-based gums or patches.

That said, we come to the end of this guide. We hope you were able to learn about the benefits of CBD and use it to help yourself or guide a loved one through quitting cigarettes. But remember, it’s always good to consult your doctor before making any health-related decisions.

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