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CBD Accessibility for People
with Disabilities

Enhancing Healthcare Solutions

In a world where healthcare is often costly and out of reach for many, finding effective solutions for health issues can be tricky. People are facing many challenges & struggle to access the care they need. CBD presents a potential solution that we’re striving to make  accessible and available. It’s become an integral part of many peoples health management, providing relief and improving their quality of life.

When someone is already struggling with mental & physical disabilities they shouldn’t also have to worry about how they are going to afford the medication & supplements they need. Disabilities often require ongoing medical care, including frequent doctor visits, therapies, medications, and assistive devices.On top of that they often require specialized healthcare services, assistive technologies, and ongoing treatments, all of which can be costly.  These additional expenses can put a strain on finances, especially when coupled with limited income or lack of health insurance coverage.

The Promise of CBD as an Accessible Solution

Thankfully, CBD offers a more accessible option for many people with disabilities. While it may not work for everyone, research supports its potential benefits for various health issues. People with disabilities often contend with a range of symptoms, and finding relief from any of these can be life-changing. Testimonials from those who have tried CBD from Discover CBD demonstrate significant positive changes in their lives.

Preserving the accessibility of CBD is crucial to provide potential solutions for countless people struggling to receive adequate care. People with disabilities already face significant challenges. They deserve the opportunity to live without limitations, and if CBD can potentially enhance their quality of life, it should be readily available. (Read more about how CBD can help with disabilities & discomforts here)

We understand that there is a lot that comes with having a long-term disability and that’s why we want to do our part where we can, to not only provide effective CBD products but at CBDNorth, we are also dedicated to making our products as accessible as possible. 

Which is why we have created an Assistance Program for people with Long-Term Disability, where we offer a 45% discount on all full-price orders. We believe all Canadians have the right to fair, affordable and high-quality CBD Care. Our mission is to help all Canadians in Need, through our CBD Assistance Program that offers a 45% discount.

By ensuring CBD accessibility, providing reliable products, and advocating for its benefits, we strive to contribute to the well-being of people with disabilities. Our goal is to offer them a viable solution for their healthcare needs. 

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