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CBD stands for cannabidiol – a natural compound found in hemp.

People often use CBD oil to reduce pain, anxiety, sleep and more. But did you know CBD has the exact same benefits for Pets? CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors found in all animals, so what helps people also helps our furry friends.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg; CBD helps relief several ailments that we need to discuss. So, let’s get started. 

CBD Oil For Pets 

Whether it’s a cat, dog, or horse; there’s no denying the health benefits of CBD oil for pets!

Using CBD can also help your pet maintain their weight and balance their mental state. First, let’s look at the benefits it has for dogs. 

A. CBD Oil For Dogs 

Dogs are susceptible to many ailments, including pains and seizures. However, administering the right dosage of CBD oil can help relieve their pains and keep their seizures under control. 

But that’s not all, as CBD has many other benefits. We’ve highlighted the important points below. 

1. Appetite Stimulation 

Having CBD oil stimulates the appetite and improves metabolism, making sure that your dog doesn’t starve. Hence, you can try different dietary supplements so that your loyal companion gets all the essential nutrients. 

2. Anti-Anxiety 

If your dog don’t get enough exercise, they might get grumpy and develop anxiety issues. Luckily, another advantage of using CBD oil is it offers anti-anxiety properties, which can help to calm your dog. CBD also helps to relieve Pet nausea.

3. Improves Heart Health 

CBD oil keeps the heart healthy and has multiple cardiovascular benefits. Understandably, CBD oil for dogs is quickly catching on among pet owners, with further research aiming to use it as a possible cure for epileptic dogs.

B. CBD Oil For Cats 

Cats can be moody creatures, so you wouldn’t want to bother them by feeding them an unhealthy diet. For cats, we’ve listed some of the benefits of introducing CBD oil to their diet below:

1. Joint Pain 

Joint pain in cats is common as they’re such active, loveable and goofy creatures. So, if your cat is having mobility issues, CBD oil can certainly help to relieve their joint pains, and bring comfort and relief as they age.

2. Infections 

As with most pets, cats have their fair share of infections, depending on the weather, diet, and daily activity. CBD oil may help to boost their immune system and keep infections at bay, ensuring that your cat stays strong and healthy.

3. Allergies 

Another problem with looking after cats is that they are prone to allergies. So, you’ll be happy to note that along with a relieving your cat’s pain and stress, CBD oil helps prevents recurring allergies.

C. CBD Oil For Horses 

Compared to cats and dogs, horses are large and sensitive animals that need special care and treatment. They need regular exercise and lots of room to run around. However, they aren’t immune to health issues even then. 

CBD oil helps relieve some of the common ailments that horse owners have to deal with, ranging from sleep disorders to stress. We’ve listed below three important advantages of having a hemp oil-based diet. 

1. Inflammation 

CBD oil has shown remarkable results for many horses, making it the top choice for many owners. If you find your horse in discomfort or behaving unnaturally, it might be due to pain and inflammation. 

Although it’s quite common, inflammation is difficult to detect, making it a headache for horse owners. CBD oil helps to both reduce your horse’s pain & inflammation while also calming them.

This provides relief and keeps the horse calm while you consult a doctor regarding further treatment.

2. Metabolism 

Better metabolism is an important reason why people choose to feed their horses CBD oil. First-time owners may find it challenging to arrange a healthy diet, the lack of which leads to digestive disorders. 

Plus, there are other side effects of indigestion, including fatigue and mood swings, making it tough to control their temper. Adding CBD oil to a horse’s regular diet to can help improve their metabolism by encouraging them to eat.

3. Cushing’s Disease 

Cushing’s disease usually affects horses between the ages 17 and 24, meaning you need to be watchful. It attacks the hormonal system, reducing the production of essential hormones, leading to a brain disorder. 

This might cause the horse to behave abnormally, making them restless and even dangerous to handle. Hence, you can try a dose of CBD oil – known to relieve some of the symptoms associated with Cushing’s disease. 

In some cases, the horse may even show a complete recovery, but we advise you to consult a doctor nonetheless. CBD oil can help put your horse at ease, allowing the vet to do a checkup before administering further treatments. 

Health Benefits Of Giving Your Pets CBD Oil 

We’ve already looked at how CBD oil reduces stress and keeps dogs, cats, and horses healthy. However, it’s important to have a detailed discussion about how CBD helps relieve symptoms like arthritis, seizures, pains, and more. 

1. Arthritis 

If your pet is constantly in pain, it might be due to arthritis. Scientists are conducting extensive research on whether CBD oil can act as a treatment, and the initial results are promising. 

From 2006 onwards, scientists have tested its benefits in the lab with success, and findings show that CBD help reduce inflammation and pain. Moreover, there aren’t many side effects to CBD other than making you sleepy or relaxed if you take too much.

Like humans, dogs also have nervous system receptors, called cannabinoid receptors, that interact with CBD oil. One of these receptors is GPR55 that is responsible for causing joint pains due to arthritis. CBD oil interacts with this receptor that reduces pain, but more importantly, slows the progression of arthritis. 

Even for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis, a few drops of hemp oil improves mobility. Also, given its anti-inflammatory properties, you can use it to provide relief to dogs suffering from hip dysplasia. That said, it doesn’t cure the latter but helps reduce symptoms for comfort. 

2. Anxiety 

Studies have found that CBD oil reduces anxiety to make your pet eat and sleep better. Be it loud noises, aging, or separation, there are several causes of anxiety that may affect your pet’s well-being. 

Using CBD oil leads to more serotonin production, making your dog or cat happy and calm. But how does it do so? CBD helps the nervous system perform at optimum levels, releasing essential proteins to keep the body healthy. 

Among the most important nervous receptors are CB1 and CB2, controlling appetite, pain, memory, cellular functions, metabolism, etc. CBD oil binds to these receptors, regulating the different biological processes to keep the body in perfect harmony. 

It’s important to note that CBD oil calms the overactive neurons, helping the body achieve homeostasis. Hence, if you’re undertaking a long trip with a dog or cat, just a few drops of CBD oil will reduce the stress of the journey, encouraging sleep and offering comfort. 

However, it would help to consult a vet regarding the right dosage as you don’t want your dog or cat to feel drowsy. When administered in the correct amount, you’ll find your pet behaving calmer, characterized by reduced panting. 

3. Seizures 

You know by now that CBD oil helps regulate the nervous system receptors. Most mammals, including dogs, cats, and horses, have an endocannabinoid system that responds to the body’s needs. 

During a seizure, these receptors are affected due to the abnormal firing of neurons in the brain. You can recognize such a condition if your pet shows rapid eye movements, heavy breathing, or twitching. 

So, when administered in the right dose, CBD oil containing phytocannabinoids interacts with the nervous system to restore balance. It primarily targets the CB1 receptors, calming the neurons to provide relief. 

We suggest giving your pet CBD oil twice a day after consulting with a vet regarding the right dosage.

CBD Oil For Pets: What’s Special About Our Product?

We’ve spoken about its benefits, so now let’s look at our “CBD oil for pet” guide. We’ve create a premium Pet CBD Oil with natural ingredients that help reduce anxiety, joint aches, and arthritis in pets. 

It also improves your pet’s sleep patterns, keeping them mentally and physically refreshed. Moreover, our team has extracted the CBD oil from Organic Canadian Hemp, mixing it with Alaskan Salmon so that your pets enjoy a tasty treat. 

But why Alaskan Salmon and not bacon? Salmon contains Omega-3s, which is good for promoting a health heart and coat for your pet. We don’t use any artificial flavors like bacon that may be linked to cancer. We only use all-natural ingredients that have natural benefits in our Pet CBD Oil.

Daily Dosage Guidelines

Let’s now look at how much CBD oil your pet needs to stay healthy. Usually, pets need a much smaller dose than humans.

CBD Dosage for Cats & Dogs

Severity of PainSymptomsPet CBD Dosage
LowAnxiety & Mild Pain1 mg per 10lbs
MediumPain, Sleep & Anxiety3 mg per 10lbs
StrongSevere Pain5 mg per 10lbs

CBD Dosage for Horses

Severity of PainHeight (in inches)Horse CBD Dosage
LowAnxiety & Mild Pain15-35mg
MediumPain, Sleep & Anxiety20-45mg
StrongSevere Pain25-75mg

Will My Pet Get High On CBD Oil? 

Long story short, there is no chance your pet will get high. CBD comes from hemp and is completely non-psychoactive. In fact, pet owners shouldn’t even worry too much about overdosing as it would require your pet to drink several entire bottles of CBD to have negative effects.

FAQs About CBD & Dogs

1. What Happens If Your Dog Consumes More Than The Recommended Amount? 

CBD oil doesn’t have really side effects other than relaxing your pet. You’ll find pets appearing drowsy if they consume too much CBD oil, so let them sleep it off. In fact, to treat insomnia, it’s recommended that you add extra doses of hemp oil to the diet.  

2. How Long Do The Effects Of CBD Last? 

Depending on the dosage and the dog’s health, CBD remains in the system for 24 hours. People who prefer to feed their pets CBD oil twice a day may find it convenient to administer smaller doses that last for a shorter while. 

3. How Long Does CBD Oil Take To Start Working In Dogs? 

Every pet reacts differently to CBD oil, but pain and anxiety issues decrease within 30 minutes. If there’s no change after half an hour, it would be best to administer another similar dose. 

4. Can CBD Help Pets Focus? 

As many owners have reported, CBD oil can help increase your pet’s concentration. When given in the right amounts, can help boost your pet’s mental sharpness and calm them down, which makes it the perfect supplement to positive reinforcement training. 

Take Away

As a pet owner, it can be challenging to find a tasty yet healthy meal to keep your pets happy. 

Fortunately, with CBD oil, you can rest easy, as it’s the perfect answer for pain relief, anxiety reduction and for sleep. It keeps your pet healthy, delivers a tasty treat, provides comfort, and has no major side effects. 

Understandably, pets receiving a regular diet of CBD oil are happy and satisfied.

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