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Looking for a Fun Way to Sip On Your CBD?

CBD Recipe Series

This yummy caffeine-free latte will work to balance your mind & body, by helping relieve tension, pain & stress during a long day.

Just the Yummy Comfort Your Body Needs..

Whether you’re unwinding after a long day, calming your nerves before school, or relaxing your muscles after a Sunday hike, this soothing herbal latte is a caffeine-free treat you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.

Bring your mind & body back into balance and out of discomfort with this special blend of natural healing herbs. 

Rooibos Tea is 100% caffeine-free, meaning you won’t get any sudden spikes and crashes of energy. It’s also rich in antioxidants, which helps your body by protecting your cells against harmful free radicals. Just consider all the air pollution, pesticides & cigarette smoke we get exposed to!

While CBD helps alleviate pain & inflammation you might be feeling in your body, calming your anxiety, balancing your moods, and also easing you into a better night’s sleep.


Serves 1 | Vegan


  • 1 grams of fresh Organic Rooibos Tea Leaves or Tea Bag

  • ½ Cup Water

  • 1 Tsp Date syrup

  • ½ Tsp Cinnamon

  • CBD Isolate Oil (your regular dose, you can calculate your dose here

  • 1 Cup of hot Oat Milk (or any milk of your choice, though we enjoy the frothiness of oat)


  • Place the Rooibos leaves in a strainer or directly into a tea-cup
  • Bring your water to boil
  • Steep your tea leaves for 5 minutes (the longer you steep the richer in antioxidants it will be)
  • Meanwhile, froth your milk of choice with a frothing wand or in a blender
  • After 5 minutes, remove the tea leaves 
  • Add the date syrup & your dose of CBD Oil
  • Then pour the frothy milk into the tea drink
  • Lastly, sprinkle with cinnamon & enjoy your CBD latte 😀


If you are someone who struggles with anxiety this latte is the perfect caffeine-free alternative to your morning cup of coffee. Rather than giving you the jitters or boosting your anxiety, start your day with ease. 

If you are someone who struggles with insomnia or sleep disturbances you might consider replacing the regular CBD with our CBN Sleep Complex. Enjoy this drink 30 minutes to 1 hour before  bed.

This tea is delicious, easy to make & full of so much yummy goodness! 

So what are you waiting for? Sip away and enjoy.

Where Can I Get The Best CBD Oil for Tea Lattes?

Made in BC with Organic MCT Oil and Organic Hemp for the Cleanest & Purest Experience.

If you’re looking for the perfect CBD Oil to add to your teas, juices, smoothies, we’ve got the perfect selection.

Our CBD Oils are made using premium cold-filtered Hemp and Organic MCT Oil, without the use of any artificial preservatives or additives. The result is that our CBD Oils offer the cleanest tasting experience, in addition to the purest and most effective CBD relief.

This means our CBD Oils are not just super easy to have on their own, but they’re also perfect for use in any food recipes as they don’t make any noticeable flavour impact.

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