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What Happens If My CBD Oil Freezes?

CBD Education Series

cbd oil canada frozen

You’ve just received your CBDNorth package and eagerly open it.. only for your CBD Oil to be totally frozen!

So what does this mean for your CBD Oil? Is it still safe to consume, and has the freezing impacted its effectiveness? Luckily, the answer is quite simple.

The Colder The Better

Simply put, frozen CBD Oil is 100% safe to consume and there is no impact on its effectiveness. Just thaw it first!

Why is this? Well, CBD is an organic compound which will gradually breakdown over time just like anything natural and organic.

So the best way to preserve its lifespan and effectiveness is to actually keep it in cold temperatures like the fridge or even freezer.

However, we don’t usually recommend cold storage as it’s simply overkill. Keeping the CBD Oil in a drawer, handbag or medicine cabinet is more than enough to maintain its shelf life.

As long as the CBD Oil is kept away from the open air, direct sunlight and heat, it should last you up to a year after being opened.

It takes up to 1-2 years for any significant organic breakdown to occur for the CBD.

Most of our customers will finish their bottle of CBD Oil in the first 2 months – way before the CBD even has a chance to degrade a significant amount.

cbd oil canada frozen

What’s The Best Way to Thaw Frozen CBD Oil?

We don’t recommend applying direct heat to thaw it, as this could negatively impact the lifespan and potency of the CBD oil.

The best method would be to put the CBD oil in a bowl with cold water before bed and letting it gradually thaw overnight. Or, you could put the CBD Oil in the fridge to slowly thaw – though this is slower than the bowl method.

After it’s thawed, simply shake the oil a bit so it mixes and you’re good to go – you can use the CBD Oil normally without any impact on its safety or effectiveness.

How Long Do CBD Products Last?

As we discussed, CBD oils can last up to 2 years if unopened. Once opened, CBD oil is best consumed within a year.

CBD Creams & Gummies have a similiar shelf life of 1-2 years. To preserve their lifespan and potency, it’s also best to keep them away from the direct sunlight, air and heat and to consume them soon after purchasing.

Now that you know more about CBD shelf life, it’s time to put this into action! If you’re looking for a new CBD Product made from the freshest and most effective ingredients, feel free to check out our CBD Oil Tinctures, CBD Gummies and CBD Creams.

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