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CBD for Skincare

Many people use CBD to improve their sleep, pain & anxiety – but CBD may also have many benefits for Skincare!

That’s why we’ve created this quick guide to cover all the benefits of CBD for Skincare. We’ve also included a small FAQ section at the end to help answer some of your questions.

Let’s get to it then CBD-Fam!

How Can CBD Help Your Skincare Issues?

1. For Acne

CBD has anti-inflammatory effects that may help to soothe swollen and irritated skin, which could help to prevent acne from occuring. This has been supported in a 2019 study, that showed CBD could reduce inflammation in the skin, thus showing its potential to relieve current acne breakouts and prevent future ones.

Acne can also be caused by excess production oil and dead skin which clog pores over time. CBD may also help to prevent acne by decreasing the production of oil in skin (sebum), thus decreasing the overall oilyness of your skin.

So by using CBD-infused skincare products like CBD balms, you can help prevent acne by reducing inflammation and irritation in your skin and preventing overproduction of oil that may clog pores.

Additionally, CBD products may also help to reduce/treat acne scars, which are generally caused by the irresistible scratching of inflamed skin. At the same time, CBD may also improve elasticity and promote hydration to enhance the overall texture of your skin.

2. For Wrinkles

Although you can’t prevent wrinkles or lines 100%, the antioxidant properties of CBD may help slow down the process by protecting your skin from sun-related UV damage. CBD also works to reduce inflammation in the skin as well as hydrating it, which over time could help to perserve a healthy glow and more youthful looking skin overall.

3. Skin Sensitivity

If you have sensitive skin, you may have experienced sudden redness, inflammation, or even breakouts without any apparent reason. This is because sensitive skin is prone to react at the slightest exposure to environmental changes, chemicals, or stress.

However, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may help to calm the skin by promoting several soothing mechanisms. As a result, you may see an improvement in your skin texture, even if adding a CBD skincare product is your only change.

4. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition involving the rapid production of skin cells. And depending on the severity of the condition, it may occur as small scattered, red scaly skin lesions or large patches that are extremely itchy and painful.

Many experts believe psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder, with triggers ranging from stress, infections, damage to inherited genes or even vitamin D deficiency.

But one study has shown that by engaging cannabinoid receptors in the skin with CBD, one might be able to reduce the production of excess skin cells, thereby reducing flare-ups and associated pain or itchiness. Apart from that, prolonged use of topical or oral CBD products may help to regulate the immune system to reduce one’s symptoms and provide long-term or short-term relief.

5. Itchiness

Itchy skin is a very common problem faced by many people, irrespective of their age and lifestyle. You may have itchy skin even in the absence of any underlying or related skin condition.

Certain cannabinoids, including CBD, may work to inhibit the “itchiness” signals transmitted from the nerves in your skin to your brain. Hence, CBD can act as soothing agent that reduces feelings of itchiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

cbd for skincare

How Can I Include CBD In My Skincare Regime?

For skincare, we recommend either CBD-infused creams, balms or salves which can be applied topically to the affected areas, or CBD oils and gummies that can be consumed orally.

Are Topical CBD Products Best For Skincare?

To get the highest concentration of CBD to an affected skin area, the best option is always a topical product like a CBD Balm. Using a CBD consumable like an CBD Oil Tincture or CBD gummy can also be effective for skincare. However, the overall distribution of CBD would spread out across your entire body – so it wouldn’t be as concentrated upon a single area like a CBD topical would be.

Can Using CBD Products Get You High?

We have a variety of CBD products without any THC in them like our CBD Isolate OilsCBD Gummies and CBD Topicals for all your skincare needs.

If you’re interested in our Full-Spectrum CBD Oils for your skincare needs, they contain less than 1% THC which is definitely not enough to get you high.

How Much CBD Topical Do I Need To Apply?

In general, you are much more free in dosing with a CBD topical than CBD edible. This is because unlike CBD oils or gummies that get absorbed into your bloodstream, CBD topicals do not penetrate past your deepest layer of skin to reach your bloodstream. So, you shouldn’t be worried about using “too much” CBD cream. It’s best to use enough CBD balm so you can generously cover your affected skin area for the most effective relief.

Final Words

Canada’s Best CBD for Your Skincare

So in summary, CBD has been shown to have great potential for treating many skin conditions. So, if you’re looking to help prevent oily or itchy skin, acne breakouts, or age and sun-related skin damage, CBD-infused products could be a great way to keep your skin feeling and looking great.

And if you’re looking for the best CBD topical in Canada, then look no further!

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