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“Should I Choose CBD Oils or Gummies?”

CBD Education Series

cbd oils Vs gummies

So you’re thinking about trying CBD as a source of natural relief, but you aren’t sure whether to try CBD Oil or CBD Gummies first. Or maybe you’re already using one, and are curious about trying the other?

In this guide we will cover the differences between CBD Oils and CBD Gummies, in terms of their taste, convenience, overall effectiveness and if you should only stick with one over the other.

Convenience of CBD Oils vs. CBD Gummies

The Benefits of CBD Oils

Generally, both CBD Oils and CBD gummies are quick and easy to use, and both are small enough that you can bring them anywhere you go whether it’s the gym, office, or when you’re on the road.

If you are looking for the CBD product with the highest possible strength and greatest number of doses, CBD Oils are the best choice as they carry the highest amount of CBD in the smallest total package.

To use a CBD Oil, you simply place the oil under your tongue with the oil dropper provided. Then, all you need to do is wait 30 seconds to let it absorb, then swallow or wash it down with some water.

To find your recommended dose, you can refer to our dosage guide here. There are measurement lines on the dropper to help get you the exact dose you need.

The Benefits of CBD Gummies

If you are wanting something even more discrete and conveniently packaged, CBD Gummies may be the best choice for on-the-go dosing.

If you are using the CBD in public, you may feel more comfortable eating a gummy candy than having to use the CBD Oil dropper.

With CBD Gummies, there is no need to measure as each gummy contains a set amount of CBD (20mg each in our gummies). There is also no risk for any oil spillage.

The downside with gummies is that they are not as concentrated as CBD Oils. For instance, to get 2000mg of CBD, you could get just one bottle of either our 2000mg Full-Spectrum or CBD Isolate Oil tinctures. To get that same amount of CBD you would need more than 3 bags of our 600mg gummies or more than 6 bags of our 300mg gummies, compared to just a single bottle of CBD Oil.

So in terms of convenience, CBD Gummies may function better as a convenient and discrete way to re-up your CBD, while CBD Oils may work better for providing the main source of your CBD as they are more concentrated.

CBD North Full Spectrum CBD Complex

Pure & Clean Tasting: Organic CBD Oil.

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Convenient, Tasty and Discrete: Organic CBD Gummies

Taste Difference of CBD Oils vs. CBD Gummies

In terms of taste, eating CBD Gummies should taste no different than eating yummy and juicy fruit candies. Our gummies are formulated so that there is no distinct hemp taste, or it is very very subtle. Though, if you are thinking about trying our CBD gummies.. you’ve been warned. They can be quite delicious and irresistible once you’ve tasted your first!

As for CBD Oils, the taste varies depending on which carrier oil is used. To make a CBD Oil Tincture, CBD is combined with a carrier oil like MCT Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, or Hemp Seed Oil. 

(Note: Hemp Seed Oil is made from the seeds of the hemp plant and contains no CBD. Rather, it is mainly a source of Omega-3s and has nothing to do with CBD. CBD is instead extracted from the leaves, stalks and stems of the hemp plant.)

In terms of taste, both Sunflower and Hemp Seed Oil can have a strong and earthy taste which may be overpowering for many. In comparison, MCT Coconut Oil is relatively light and sweet.

For all our CBD Oil tinctures, we make sure to use the lightest and purest tasting carrier oil which is Organic MCT Oil.

This Organic MCT Oil is then combined with our cold-filtered Organic Hemp Extract to make the cleanest and purest tasting CBD Oil tinctures possible.

If you are looking for the lightest and more tasteless CBD Oil, we recommend our CBD Isolate Oils which have just a light and sweet taste of coconut. If you are looking for the most effective CBD Oil, we recommend our Full-Spectrum CBD Oils which are made with the whole plant extraction of Hemp and have only a light and grassy flavour to them.

Are CBD Oils or CBD Gummies More Effective?

Both CBD Oils and Gummies are quite similar in their effectiveness.

With CBD Oil you may get more total absorption as the CBD is absorbed directly to the bloodstream, via the sublingual gland under our tongues.

This absorption happens when you place the CBD Oil under the tongue and hold it before swallowing. After you ingest it, the rest of the CBD Oil is absorbed via your digestive system which is less efficient at retaining the total amount of CBD.

CBD Gummies are absorbed purely in the digestive system. So their total absorption is less efficient than oils. However, the sugar in CBD Gummies may help to speed up your digestion and in some cases you may notice the CBD Gummies hitting you faster than a CBD Oil.

One way to boost your CBD absorption with both CBD Oils and Gummies is to simply consume CBD along with a food high in healthy fats like nuts, avocados, fish, dark chocolate or eggs.

This is because CBD is fat soluble which means it binds to fats. So consuming your CBD with some healthy fats, can help your body to transport and retain the CBD more effectively.

Double It Up With Our All-Natural CBD Products

Now that we’ve compared both CBD Oils and CBD Gummies, you may be leaning towards one over the other.

However, there’s no reason you can’t use both. As outlined above, CBD Oils are best used as the main source for CBD routine as they have the highest concentration of CBD which makes them more cost and space effective than CBD Gummies.

However, in terms of convenience and taste there’s no doubt that CBD Gummies are a tasty and fun way to top up your CBD levels.

One way to get the advantages of both is to simply use both! Get the majority of your CBD via a CBD Oil Tincture, but top up your levels as needed with a CBD Gummy or simply have one when you’re feeling like a yummy snack.

This concludes our guide on CBD Oils and Gummies. As always, we hope we’ve been of service to you guys with this handy little blog.

If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at: support@cbdnorth.co or hit us up with a message on Instagram!

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