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Winter Season Self Care ☃️

6 Tips To Keep You Feeling Your Best

We know how crazy things can get during the winter. Incorporating small self-care habits in-between activities are vital to having a happy winter season. We’ve put together a small list to help you, showing you what you can do to relax and destress.

Refresh Your Winter Season With CBD

Whether we’re going to office parties, having dinners at home, or engaging in winter activities, there is so much this season has to offer ☃️ We want you to be able to enjoy these moments to the fullest. Here are a few ways you can incorporate our CBD products into all the hustle & bustle this winter season.

Stay feeling your best, cause no one wants to be stressed 🎄

Tip #1 –  Move Your Body

It can be tempting to let your workouts slide but try to stick to your routine! Not only will it keep you feeling fit but when we work out we release those endorphins leading to a boost in mood, clarity of the mind, more energy & even better sleep.

Using our CBD before & after sports will have soothing effects on your muscles & mind. They can help you recover more quickly, reducing inflammation & pain, letting you feel refreshed for the next workout. You can take the CBD as an oil dripping directly under your tongue or as a topical. Depending on the sort of relief you are looking for, we have a variety of CBD Topicals that you can apply directly to sore areas of your body.

Tip #2 – Spend Some Time in The Great Outdoors.

Burrrr, it’s cold. We know! But winter in Canada has so much to give. Enjoy it! Try going for a hike or taking part in winter sports like snowboarding & skiing. And if that’s not your thing why not enjoy some time playing in the snow with the kids & your furry friends?

Spend time outdoors in nature, even on those cold winter days to get the fresh air your body craves. Fresh air increases serotonin levels by raising the oxygen levels that reach your brain. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that betters your mood.

You can take a warm thermos of CBD-infused Tea or CBD gummies on-the-go to support your mind & body helping them stay in balance and out of discomfort. Here is one of our favorite recipes CBD Rooibos Tea Latte ☕

Tip #3 – Take A Well-Deserved Nap

Listen to your body. If you’re tired, you’re tired! Your mind and body are signaling they need some rest. Let yourself refresh with a short power nap from 10-30 minutes.

Take a small dose of CBD Oil before you lie down & you’ll be feeling better than ever when you wake up! A small nap can go a long way and makes all the difference. You’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated with a fresh boost of energy. Ready to enjoy the rest of your day?

Tip #4 – CBD Hot Bath

Light some candles and put on your favorite holiday tunes 🎶

Run a bath with hot water, add some scented essential oils, pour in some bubbles & a few drops of our CBD Isolate Oil, and Voilà! You’ve created a calm & sensual atmosphere to let go & relax. You deserve it!

Tip #5 – Winter Skin-Care

Cold winter weather and indoor heating can often leave our skin feeling dry and depleted which is why making sure your skin stays hydrated in the winter is so important.

Our CBD Balms can help improve hydration levels in your skin. Apart from hydration, our all-natural CBD balms have anti-inflammatory & are rich in antioxidants, which can also help soothe inflamed or wounded skin.

Bonus Mini-Tip: Our CBD Balms are also amazing for treating chapped lips and cracked nail cuticles. So before going out in the cold or before bed, try putting some our CBD Balm on your lips or nail to help remoisturize and heal your damaged skin.

Tip #6 – CBD Winter Treats

Another great way to incorporate your CBD dose in a fun way is to recreate some of your favorite winter treats & infusing them with CBD Oil. We like to use our CBD Sleep Complex. for evening treats to unwind or CBD Isolate Oil for a dose during the day. Our CBD Oils are perfect to use in any food recipe as they don’t make any noticeable flavor impact.

Here are some of our latest recipes created especially for the winter season 🥧

We Hope You’ve Enjoyed These Winter Self Care Tips!

While we recommend taking some time for yourself, these self-care rituals & activities can also be done with loved ones. Pick and choose the things that feel good to you, after all, that’s the whole point. Relax. Enjoy the season. Indulge in all the goodness it brings with it.

What’s truly important though is that you take some time for yourself to unwind, incorporating small things that will help you stay in balance and feel your best!

Here’s some CBD Products that may help you this Winter:

Our CBD Oils are made using premium cold-filtered Hemp and Organic MCT Oil. The result is that our CBD Oils offer the cleanest and most effective relief for sleep issues, anxiety, chronic pain and more.


Our CBD Topicals are equally as clean, featuring 100% all-natural ingredients, without any artificial additives to hamper your experience. Both our Pain Stick and CBD Balm are great for relieving sore/chronic muscle and joint pain. Our CBD Pain Stick offers an icy-hot relief effect while our CBD Balm offers a more soothing and gentle form of relief.


Our CBD Gummies are the only of their kind in Canada. Not only are they 100% Organic, Vegan, Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, Gelatin-Free & Kosher, but they’re made completely using only all-natural flavours without any artificial colours or preservatives. The result is not just the cleanest possible gummy, but also the most amazing tasting one!


And lastly, for you animal lovers looking for something to help soothe your pet’s anxiety or pain,  our CBD Pet Products are made without the use of any added preservatives or fillers like many other pet products. Our CBD Oil for Cats & Dogs is made using just 3 simple, high-quality ingredients. Our CBD Pet Treats are made just using 4 yummy and healthy ingredients.

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